15 - Stupid -- These pictures actually cover about six months. It was miserable. I was building this giant touch screen for a professor after I graduated (since I had trouble finding a job). He didn't pay me much. I figured out once about how much I was getting paid versus how much time I spent working on this thing, and it came out to around $1/hour. Anyway, it was basically a six foot by four foot touch screen. I didn't do anything display-wise; we used a rear projection screen material and a projector for display, and I built the "touch screen" part of it, and wrote all the interface and content software using Macromedia Flash. I wrote all the embedded software in assembly. It was all controlled with a Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller. It was a cool project to do, but ultimately useless, I believe, and a stupid idea. Hence the name, Stupid.