2 - The crossbow Wilmy and Bucky made.
4 - A bunch of pictures. Also, links to the following five domino videos: One, two, three, four, and five.
6-10 - Visiting Ma. I found and scanned some old photos that I decided to put up here, plus some pictures I actually took there.
10 - A shirt and a present.
12 - Junior. I bought a new car, now named Junior.
13 - Junk. Some junk in my trunk and a wrapped present.
16 - Tar Pits. KrisDi and I made snowmen. They didn't survive long.
17 - A trip down to a natural history museum. A couple goofy pictures, and a bunch of artifacts (some of which are goofy).
22 - Snowmen. KrisDi and I made snowmen. They didn't survive long.
26 - Around town. We went to a museum to see dinosaurs, but the display was closed off. We still saw them, but not as many. We saw lots of stuffed creatures and some other stuff. Then we drove around downtown and looked at a really big Christmas tree. There's also a picture of the little Lego robot I made.
31 - New Year's Eve. We took a surprisingly low number of pictures this night.

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