01 - Dominoes. I built some really tall domino towers. They fell down. One of them held up a big book.
04 - Seattle Aquarium. We went to the Seattle Aquarium and took lots of pictures. Especially of otters. And fish.
06 - Driving. Our drive from Washington to North Dakota, all in one big lump.
07 - Lake. Our first day at the lake. Not a whole day, but I got to ski anyway.
08 - Lake again. More skiing!
09 - Lake yet again. More skiing! And some wrasslin'.
10 - Salem Sue. Big cow.
11 - Party at Wilmbo's. Drinking with my teddy bear.
12 - Minneapolis. Some pictures of the Metrodome, and a Segway tour.
13 - KrisDi's Parents' House. Beer and wiffleball.
14 - KrisDi's Parents' House. Plants and a big bug.
15 - White Sox Game. We went and watched the Royals beat the Sox.
16 - Fire and Beer. I helped put out a fire at one of KrisDi's parents' neighbors' house. And I drank some beer.
17 - Shedd Aquarium and Hopleaf. Just what the name implies. Hopleaf's a Belgian beer bar in downtown Chicago.
18 - KrisDi's Friends. We met a couple of KrisDi's old friends downtown in Chicago.