KrisDi's Taco Pizza


- 1 Pillsbury canned pizza dough thingy (unless you want to make your own pizza
dough thingy)
- Chorizo (we used a pound, but it was way more than actually went on the pizza)
If you can't find this (Mexican markets will have it), just go with all beef and extra
- Hamburger (we used a pound, but again, not all of it ended up on the pizza)
- Taco Seasoning (we used two packets for all that meat)
- Some cumin
- Fresh garlic cloves
- 1 small habanero
- Tortilla Chips
- Lettuce
- Cheese (we used Colby Jack and Mozzarella, but Cheddar is probably more
- Olive oil
- Corn meal
- Taco sauce
- Salsa

First, KrisDi put some of the olive oil down on the pan (only a little), and sprinkled some garlic salt and corn meal on it, then mixed it up with her fingers. We took the pizza dough out of the can and stretched it out (turned out to be pretty thin). Then KrisDi put a little taco sauce on the dough. Then we set it aside to work on the meat.

We squeezed all the life out of the chorizo (Mexican sausage) into a pan (it came out like poop!) with the hamburger and browned it all. Then we drained it, and added some taco sauce, cumin (just a little), taco seasoning, and minced garlic and habanero, and cooked it a bit more. We spread it on the dough, and grated our cheese over top of it.

Then it got stuck in the oven at 350° for a while, until it started writhing in tasty pain. After it came out, we put lettuce, more salsa, and some crumbled chips on top of the whole thing. Voila (or some Spanish equivalent)! Taco pizza is done!

We think the following things would go pretty well: Cooking the dough for a bit before putting anything on it. That might make it a little crisper and less oily. Spreading some cilantro over the top it would be pretty good, because we like cilantro. Some people might like olives on it, but not KrisDi. I could take them or leave them. Another good idea would be to toss a little diced onion into the meat as it cooked.

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