Weird dream

I don’t have any idea why, but I was crawling around in some sort of attic like space in a large garage, almost a warehouse, that was quite tall — the wooden structure I was crawling around on was probably 15 feet off the ground or something like.

It resembled a large shelf, and was extremely flimsily constructed. The supports were 1x2s or something like that. I had to crawl very carefully and as it was flexing and creaking underneath me I was calmly thinking to myself, “I wonder why I’m not freaking out about this.”

I was making may way back toward the corner where the “entrance” was (maybe a ladder or something like that). This required in a at least one spot precariously swinging myself around a large object affixed to the ceiling from one section of the flooring/shelving to another.

As I got close to the corner, KrisDi showed up, and a scraggly black and white cat. KrisDi explained that the cat had been causing a lot of trouble for the woman who owned and lived in the building we were in, and that she’d been trying to get rid of it for a long time.

I asked if I should kill it, and we thought, “Probably.”

So I grabbed it by the neck. The cat didn’t react or try to get away or anything like that. I thought about it for a moment, then swung it in a half-loop and flung it as hard as I could toward the floor below. As the cat was headed for the floor below and my flimsy platform shook, I thought to myself, “I wonder if I’ll feel bad about this tomorrow.”

I think I woke up before the cat hit the ground.

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October 2020, Part II

October 2020 Part II — click here or on the photo above for more pictures

Bots! rehearsals and recordings for Kettleworks continued. I feel like there should be a lot to say about it because it take a lot of time and we have to coordinate schedules, but there’s not, really. The rehearsals, the kids just go into their rooms and Zoom with Jen and we ignore them. For the audio recordings, KrisDi takes each of them into the closet and they wear headphones to listen to the instrument track and KrisDi records their singing on her phone. For the video segment recordings, we had to set up little recording studios in their rooms, with a sheet stretched taut behind them and lights shining on them, and then they Zoom with Jen and she records them remotely. There were a few occasions where the kids were whiny about having to rehearse (though they never seem to have a problem once they get started). With the recordings, they often freak out when KrisDi tells them they did something wrong and re-record.

I guess it’s also noteworthy that KrisDi got a small cameo as well as a science fair judge. She had been singing along and practicing lines with the kids (and sometimes without the kids), I thought she was trying to get a leading role

We got roped into being the photographers for the production, meaning we got to spend a Saturday in our cold garage with a sheet stretched out taut and have each cast member come in and take head shots in front of it. Here’s Chilkat’s, and here’s Chilkoot’s. Most of the kids also took some goofy poses.

KrisDi scheduled a 20 minute session with a photographer. This time it was at the UW arboretum instead of the tree farm we went to the previous few years. However, the photographer double booked our time slot with another family and rushed through our photos in like five minutes, with Chilkat whining like a spoiled brat the whole time about how cold it was. One of those things where yeah, she was probably a little chilly, but she makes a big deal out of it, and when we tell her to stop she can’t back down from the stance that she’s freezing to fucking death and admit that it’s not really that bad, so she escalates and now she’s sobbing and clearly her whole family hates her. I despair of these creatures ever turning into adults that I actually want to spend time with.

KrisDi expressed our dissatisfaction to the photographer after the fact, and she seemed genuinely apologetic. That same day, she processed and sent all the photos she had taken (the 20 minute time slot was supposed to provide 5, and would usually take a week or two to get them), and offered to redo the session the next day or whenever we wanted at a different location or another time next year. We opted for another time next year. Despite the shortness of the session and the recalcitrance of my daughter, some of the photos turned out OK.

After the photographer was done, we went around the arboretum ourselves and took some pictures. Each of us took at least one turn behind the camera getting pictures of the rest of the family, and we also just took some pictures of the scenery. That was actually pretty fun. Chilkoot in particular seemed to enjoy playing photographer.

Chilkoot has always had some skin issues, primarily eczema starting when he was a baby. Lately, he started developing something similar to hives on his elbows, and something that is vaguely reminiscent of chicken pox or zits on his side and thighs and a little on his armpit, little bumps on the backs of his arms. None of them really seemed to bother him, but it seemed like a lot and inconsistent with previous experience, so we sent pictures to the doctor anyway. This led to a prescription for a steroid cream and a visit with the nurse at the doctor’s office. They said some of it was probably eczema, and some of it was probably molluscum. Chilkoot called the steroid cream “doctor sauce.”

October of course means Halloween. For some period of time, the kids were really into Gravity Falls, so they did their jack-o-lanterns as Dipper (one of the main characters) and Waddles (the main characters’ pet pig). KrisDi did her pumpkin as Bill Cipher, an extra-dimensional super villain. My pumpkin was a hop cone. Chilkoot and Chilkat were Dipper and Mabel respectively, KrisDi was Wendy, and I was Old Man McGucket.

Pandemic Halloween was pretty mellow. We stayed home, turned off the lights, had absolutely no one come to the door, and we reused our Easter eggs to hide candy around the house for the kids to find. Not exactly exciting, but mellow and fun.

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October Part I

Click here or on the birds above for more photos

Actually, not much to say for the first half of October. A number of fairly minor things. Probably the biggest single event was our pumpkin patch visit. This year we went to Maris Farms, and we went with Les and D. We took a lot of pictures and bought some pumpkins. Photos start here.

Other stuff:

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