July 2021 Part IV

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KrisDi had her mom’s getaway in Aptos. I think she enjoyed the whisky we sent with her. The first night she was gone, both kids had separate sleepovers (Chilkoot’s first sleepover without his sister!), which meant I was on my own. I visited Malt & Vine one last time. Sadly, they permanently closed in July, shortly after this visit.

Per tradition, we did have a Trucknic the first night she was gone (see the photo above). We got food from Cloud 9 burgers (including shakes).

The next day, after I picked them up, we took FOREVER to make a decision about lunch. I had them both in the car after their sleepovers, and we stopped in the driveway to decide. It was a stupid list of requirements like, “it has to have pancakes for me AND cheeseburger for me AND donuts for both of us, AND it has to be inside with air conditioning…” Eventually we settled on Elliot Bay, which did not meet all the requirements.

The next day, we had a Scouts activity at the park. We managed to just barely squeeze in a nice lunch at a local Korean BBQ place beforehand.

Oh, and totally randomly, Chilkoot became interested in this old 2017 photo of him and me, and wanted to recreate it, so we did.

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July Part III

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Chilkoot’s birthday and party happened. There are a bunch of photos, you can go through them yourself. We had a bunch of Chilkoot’s friends over, and it was a very nice time. My old friend Monocular Ben recently moved back to the Seattle area, and he brought his wife and daughter down as well, which was pretty cool. As usual, it was pretty hectic. The theme was Minecraft. KrisDi made thin crust themed pizzas for the kids, and deep dish for the grownups. It was delicious.

In preparation for a mom’s getaway, KrisDi and I put together a bunch of small samples of whisky for her to take.

KrisDi and Chilkat got their toes done.

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July Part II

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We went to Port Orchard to sign in / pick up packets for a 5K that everyone but me was doing. We also took the opportunity to try Peninsula Bev Co, a beer + food place, and the Slaughter County, Silver City, Breaking Waves, and (again) E9 breweries.

The actual 5K happened the next day. KrisDi, the kids, T Dog, D, and KrisDi’s co-worker Barb all participated. I went back to Peninsula Bev Co and had breakfast while they walked and/or ran.

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July 2021 Part I

I don’t know how I got so far behind. So here’s July, Part I, really quick.

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We dropped off the kids at Uncle E-Dubs’ and let them spend the night with their cousins, while KrisDi and I went out for dinner and to a couple breweries. Dinner at Rock the Dock (supposed to have good seafood, but a bunch of the things we wanted were out). We visited Sig and E9 breweries. E9 never disappoints. Sig was OK.

Chilkoot helped make a pizza.

We had a nice visit to the zoo with Mom (see the photo above).

For the fourth of July, we went to Les & D’s. P Dubs created an “obstacle course,” which Chilkoot enjoyed doing, and after he ran it a few times he was pooped.

Chilkoot also made it to the next belt in Karate, yellow belt.

Chilkoot got his hair trimmed.

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Food in June 2021

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Notable stuff: I made KrisDi a drumstick-inspired cake for her birthday, and used some of the excess cake stuff to make the cones decorated above, which Chilkat and Chilkoot and I subsequently filled and enjoyed. KrisDi made something like 140 cupcakes of 5 flavors for a work event. I tried to make Mickey Mouse pancakes for Chilkoot, but ripped the ear off, and made a bandaid out of chocolate chips, but Mickey was still not happy about it.

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