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The last several months of last year, I started having increasing shoulder pain and neck pain and had to stop doing the pushups I’ve been doing for years to maintain my lower back. I finally went to neck/orthopedic doctor about it (my primary care doctor retired which complicated things). He sent me for another neck MRI (last one was two years ago, yes neck is worse now) and had me come back later for an ultrasound on my shoulder (no tears or anything, but thickening/stiffening of some tissues, noticeable ‘wear and tear’ on others, etc). He said, “Well, I’d recommend physical therapy, or a shot in the shoulder and then physical therapy.” I opted for the shot, and Dr’s eyes lit up and he called the assistant with the ultrasound back in. Three soap scrubs on the shoulder, two alcohol, one local anesthetic shot, and then an ultrasound-guided horse needle into the core of my shoulder — a bit more involved than your standard immunization.

I was slightly discomfited by the nonchalance (and/or the apparent glee) with which this preparation and execution occurred. I was more discomfited by having a large tube of metal jabbed into my shoulder socket.

My shoulder felt uncomfortable and touchy for about 24 hours, and since then has felt noticeably better. I’ve been to PT three times and have been doing my exercises at home pretty responsibly. Neck started flaring up again this week. Stay tuned for the next installment in the ongoing saga of snaotheus’ skeletal system’s attempts to wrest control of his body from his brain.

Chilkat’s school held a math and science open house. They had stations of various activities spread throughout a couple of rooms. Chilkat spent a bunch of time on the “build a bridge out of straws and tape” activity, and “build a tower out of blocks” activity, and sort of skipped around to the other ones. Chilkoot tagged along. I think they had a good time.

Kids have been playing pretend more, and often with more detailed and involved stories:

  • There’s a picture in there of Chilkat with a Captain America shield and a witch hat. She tells me she was pretending she was a super hero with a costume on so that her enemies wouldn’t kill her.
  • They were pretending to run a store (again). Cookie Monster was their customer. He seemed to need a lot of things and have a lot of money.
  • Chilkoot wanted to be an astronaut knight. We dressed him up. He refused to allow me to call him astroknight. I was disappointed.

I had a very hectic pair of weeks with guests from Japan. At least one of the groups of them had a rough trip out here. They had 20cm of snow drop on Narita (roughly the same or greater level of panic than would be introduced by 9-10″ dropping on SEATAC).

During their visit, we went for a big dinner at a local Chinese seafood restaurant. We ordered a lobster (we were introduced to the lobster before he was boiled). Not much of the lobster got eaten, and most of the leftovers ended up getting sent home with me. I didn’t know what the hell to do with it, so I had a giant lobster scramble for breakfast the next day. It was pretty good.

We took the kids ice skating. Chilkat’s second time, Chilkoot’s first. Chilkat was dramatically afraid, as she is wont to be, and Chilkat was falling down constantly. KrisDi hit on some key advice — just crouch. It keeps the kids from leaning back, and when a kid on ice skates leans back, it’s all over. But, it doesn’t solve the motion problem. I was able to address that with “Just sneak, Chilkoot.” With enough tiny little steps, he could get a little momentum going. But, the boy in particular loved skating, and wanted (at least for a day afterwards) to do nothing but skate some more.

False Alarm M (the older daughter) had her birthday party. She wanted to have a princess tea party, which led to the discovery of what appears to be a small local niche business: Princess day care. You can send your kids to a day care centered entirely around princesses. I winced when I entered the building. Anyway, they do hosted tea parties on the weekend. Chilkoot was the only boy, and he was pointedly ignored by the staff. To the point of serving all the little girls tea and cupcakes with gaudy ceramic dishes, while Chilkoot sat blithely on the other end of the table with nothing. I captured the employee who seemed to be running things to ask, “Are you going to serve my son?”

“Well, the reservation was only for nine.”

Well, the reservation was actually for seven, and they had no problem accommodating the addition of two girls to the party (at a likely materials cost of 75 cents total). But a boy? Nopers. I didn’t blow up. Maybe I should have. The depth of poorness of customer service is breathtaking.

False Alarm Mom harangued them into giving him a cupcake on a paper plate with a beverage in a paper cup. Later, she called to talk to the owner/manager, who had shitty excuses and I think gave her some money back or something.

They will receive none of my business (not that it was likely), and certainly no recommendations from me.

On the bright side — the young lady I talked to could have been a perfect young Angela — looks, manner, and attitude were all in perfect alignment. It was recognizable before the little conversation about my son.


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December Part II

We went up to Bellingham on the 23rd for Grandma Christmas. The kids were not happy with Mom’s regular Christmas tree, they wanted the foamboard tree they made together a couple years ago. The kids got delightful presents. Chilkoot would only let Mom look at the pictures on the outside of his Play Do Ice Cream set — what kind of a weird four year old doesn’t want to immediately rip open presents?¬†We busted out Mom’s old flute (which apparently is now harder for Mom to toot) — but the kids didn’t particularly care about it.

As I mentioned in the previous post, KrisDi had already let me open my Christmas present, so that I could take it to Mom’s and take pictures of the wilderness behind her house. Chilkoot also got it into his head that we needed to walk to the park again, just like our last visit — even though it was like 30 degrees and he didn’t have gloves. It’s roughly 1.1 miles from Mom’ to the park — we made it, despite numerous prompts, “If you’re getting cold now, we should go back.” He’s very stubborn. But, he made it.

Christmas Eve was the big family thing at E Dubs’ house. It was what you would expect — a ton of food (a significant amount of it Polish), a ton of presents for the kids, a non-trivial quantity of beer, and lots of noise. KrisDi also invited her co-worker to come, since she didn’t have anyone to spend the holiday with this year.

Christmas Day was the small family thing at our house. KrisDi and the kids left cookies and milk and a note for Santa (and carrots for the reindeer) by the fireplace. Kids got a ton more presents. Les and D joined us a little later in the day. We actually got snow — maybe 3-4 inches or so — so the kids got to go outside and make snow blocks and tiny snow men and throw snow balls (they assaulted the truck when Les and D arrived from Gig Harbor).

I don’t remember which day this was — but KrisDi actually got rid of a truckload of things. Mostly toys, but also some luggage and and other random stuff. Not packing densely or anything, it was pretty much one whole truck bed. And still not enough — probably a nearly equivalent amount of stuff entered our household as the result of Christmas. My dream is to someday not have things “organized” in piles — to be able to get to any given thing without having to dig more than one thing out of the way. Some day…

Most people are aware that I like beer. Fewer people are aware that I’m moderately active on — mostly I review beers that I drink when I’m in a situation where I can sit down and pay attention to it. But, sometimes I look at the forums. As it turns out, someone was organizing a bottle share for Seattle area BAs, and Les was available to watch the kids for us. So we met up with a group of strangers and shared beer with them. It was fun — most of the beers were very good (a very few of them were bad). We went to Pam’s Kitchen and had Trinidadian for dinner. We also went to Bottleworks and looked at beer. It was a fun night.

The next day, Mr. JJ and his son came down to our house for a bourbon barrel beer tasting. With just the four of us drinking, we went through two rounds of five beers. The kids decided that all of the beers I had staged for this event were theirs — and that they were going to sell them to us. They built a little store around my cooler, and Chilkat initially set the price at $1 per bottle, which is grossly undervalued. She eventually jacked it up to $20 (on average, probably a decent profit margin), and made an adorable sign illustrating the concept of paying $20 for a bottle of beer. It was a good time.

The next day, our friends from Oregon came up to stay for the weekend. Their daughter is older than Chilkoot and younger than Chilkat. It’s fun to hang out with them.

The next day was New Year’s Eve. We hosted a party, with the Popes (4), Chilkat’s friend’s family (4), our Oregon friends (3), the False Alarms (4), and us (4). It was a lot of fun. The Popes and Chilkat’s friend’s family left ~10pm, after the kids did their toast. Then we put the kids to bed, and the remainder of the adults stayed up until 3 joking and talking and drinking and playing Monikers. At some point, someone proposed a Long Island Iced Tea, with a recipe similar to the following: About six different liquors and some Coke. I made something that met that description, and we dubbed it the North Dakota Iced Tea. G False Alarm drank it very slowly.

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December Part I

December 2017, Part IDecember 2017, Part I

The Phoenices visit continued. For the most part it was hanging around the house(s) and drinking while Morphic did not drink, because he only visits when he plans to get sick and not have any fun. The three adult males offered to let the three adult females go out for the day, entrusting the lives and welfare of our four children with us. We finished three bottles of whiskey. Morphic took the most glorious pictures with the empty bottles, but literally whatever dripped into his mouth during the photos is the sum total of what he drank.

We also took a ride on the local Christmas boat. We found out at breakfast that morning that Sharky had an ear infection (she and her parents were fairly sure about it over the course of a miserable night). It was cheesy, but fun. They had a little craft/coloring area for the kids, and two full bars for the grownups.

I had a good time. I think the Phoenices did, too. I think the Popes did, too. But I don’t think the Phoenices will move out here.

The Pope and I also took our eldest daughters to the Snowflake ball. I wore my classiest duds — french cuffs and bottle opener cufflinks. We had dinner at Five Guys. We ran into Chilkoot’s best friend from day care at the dance, who was incredibly delighted to see her best friend’s older sister, and wanted to tag along with everything she did. The two of them accidentally started a conga line — A wanted to show Chilkat something, and to make sure they didn’t get separated in the crowd, Chilkat held onto A’s shoulders. Then someone grabbed hers, and another hers, and so on, until a conga line spontaneously had formed. Aside from consuming sugar and running pell mell through crowds, we spent most of our evening playing hide and seek and/or chasing ballons.

KrisDi and Mrs. Pope ran a 5K together — this is exciting, because KrisDi sort of randomly decided to start running for exercise in a couch-to-5K type of program. She shattered her own goal for 5K time on race day, and got 7th in her category.

You shouldn’t be surprised, we got a Christmas tree. It’s a little later than usual, and definitely more rushed than usual. We went to the local produce shop-like-thing and bought one instead of going to a tree farm and cutting one. In part, this was to save my should, neck, and back the hassle of lying on the ground and sawing. This year’s tree I think is the biggest one we’ve ever had — it exceeded our headroom by several inches, and as I write this, our tree’s angel and jammed against the ceiling.

I helped the kids make a gingerbread train from a kit. Chilkoot got sick of it quickly and went to go watch a video instead. Chilkat and I had fun with it, though.

KrisDi’s work had a Christmas party. She won a Ring doorbell, which I thought was pretty gimmicky until we discovered it’s actually useful. (1) We have a video of someone we think was prowling for packages at our doorstep. He left quickly — I think when he noticed the doorbell + camera. (2) KrisDi was able to tell the postman, who needed a signature to drop off a package, that she would be home in a few minutes. The postman was able to respond that he’d come back before he left the neighborhood. (3) A package was dropped at our door shortly after we left the house for the day — Ring notified us of the motion at our front door, we saw the package drop off, and I called my neighbor and asked him to pick it up and hold onto it until we got home.

We went down to Chehalis again for the Polar Express train ride on an antique coal fired steam train. We stopped at Dystopian State brewing for a take-in lunch (Lunchables for the kids and pizza from nearby Puget Sound Pizza). The train ride was the train ride. Kids loved it, although Chilkoot decided this year that he’s afraid of Santa. We ate Sonic for dinner on the way home — first time for the kids, and the first time in a long time for me.

Chilkat’s drew a remarkable picture of me. The kids sort of spontaneously had a spa day while I was at work and they were home with KrisDi: Chilkat painted Chilkoot’s toes (foam toe spacers and hair dryer to dry the polish and everything). Afterward, they didn’t want to quit — “What else do you do at a spa?”

“Hmm…you could give me a massage with music?”

And…because I wanted to be able to use it when we visited Mom for Grandma Christmas, KrisDi let me open my primary Christmas present early: a Sigma 150-600mm lens. It’s pretty cool. It’s also huge and heavy and hard to wield. I’ve been having fun playing with it. I’m sure I’ll post pictures taken with it, but here’s a picture of it.

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November Part II

KrisDi left for Philadelphia to hang out with internet friends (luckily they were not murderers. She left late on Thursday the 16th and came back late on Sunday the 19th.

I was alone with the kids. Also notable: the kids were alone with me.

Friday was a relatively normal day. School, day care, work, dinner, bed.

Saturday we visited Mom (which I think she posted about, too). We went for a long walk to the park (~2.25 miles roundtrip to Lake Padden). When we got there, Chilkat needed to pee but the bathroom was closed. The kids played for a while anyway, and eventually we made it back to Mom’s where there was not a lot of drama around who had to use the restroom first.

In a relatively odd tradition, since KrisDi was gone, we had a Trucknic. I also successfully got Chilkat to her one and only planned activity, Faith Formation.

It was surprisingly uneventful, and we all survived. From what I understand, KrisDi’s visit to Philadelphia mostly consisted of drinking, eating, and being silly and/or weird.

We’re finding Chilkoot can and will draw actual things now. People, family, house, whatnot. He’s also started coloring within the lines. I think there has been little doubt about his physical and mental capability to do these things — just a lack of drive to pay attention long enough to do it. So, it’s nice to see.

We had Thanksgiving at our house — KrisDi’s brothers, plus the False Alarms. All the usual stuff, just a crowd and a ton of food. Delicious and photogenic.

The Popes and we (that doesn’t seem right, Grammar Nazis) held a nice little Scotch and Pizza night. I’m still delighted we started doing these.

Chilkat wrote several stories at school, including “My Terrible Day.”

When I was sick I had to stay home because mom did not want me to get othr kids sick. I was sick because a fever. But I did not have to go to the Docder. I staed in the famly room all day. Chilkoot and dad staid home with me. I relly wonted to go to shool.

I think I’ll be able to include it later, but she and her friend Lori decided to co-write a book — Chilkat did the illustrations, and Lori did the writing (I think Chilkat got to do the word bubbles, too). It’s 20 pages long, and about a crazy cat or something similar.

The Phoenices arrived for an approximately annual visit, but did not complete their visit by the end of November. KrisDi and I took some time off, and we hung out at houses for the most part. Chilkat still had to go to school on weekdays. Chilkoot consequently got to spend a day chilling without his sister, which I think is always a nice change for him.

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November Part I

It was a busier than usual month.

Mom turned 65. She came down to stay with us. KrisDi made her a very tasty cake with lots of apples. We took her to Disney on Ice (do you think that was a treat for her, or a treat for the kids?), and I got her new headphones (to replace the ones that croaked on her way down) and new wiper blades. I asked the poor girl behind the counter at the auto parts store if she could gift wrap them, but they were fresh out of wrapping paper.

We got some snow. Not a lot. Enough that the kids could scrape enough together from the grass or from vehicles to make snowballs (and consequently very small snowmen).

Chilkat got a party with the Seahawks “Blitz” mascot as a reward for selling stuff for her school fundraiser.

KrisDi let me go drink bourbon barrel aged beers with Mr. JJ. We drank a lot of bourbon barrel aged beers.

Chilkoot got a haircut. It looks much less wild now. Still curly, though — not as short as last time. And hasn’t fulfilled KrisDi’s fear that if we cut off the curls, they won’t grow back. Continuing the beauty theme, KrisDi also took the kids for mani/pedis. Apparently they got themselves locked into the bathroom (the kids, not my wife). They couldn’t operate the round, smooth door handle after they got their hands wet, and then they started to panic — which is hilarious if you ignore how they felt about it.

While they were getting their nails done, I had the onerous chore of going to the beer store and picking up one six pack of every Washington IPA that I love to send with KrisDi on her girls’ weekend trip to Philadelphia. Her friends (or their spouses) requested them. KrisDi also dragged out a ton of old kids’ clothes (~1% of the total mass) to give them, and I used some of them as packing material for beer.

Chilkat insisted on making a cake based on a recipe from an Amelia Bedelia book — and then no one ate any of it and it got thrown away. Well, Chilkat had one bite — she said it tasted “very complex.”

Chilkat got sick and had to stay home with me. Saturday night, she puked and had a fever (she made it to the sink! It’s an improvement). All Sunday, she was somewhat lethargic with little appetite and a fever ranging between 100 and 102. She went to bed with a fever. When we checked her temperature in the morning before she woke up (non-contact thermometer), she still showed a fever. When she actually woke up, no more fever — but by that time, we’d already called organizations and made plans for me to stay home with her and Chilkoot. She knows how to operate the thermometer, and was sobbing because it was showing a green light (indicating no fever), but we weren’t letting her go to school. We almost changed plans, but then she coughed a couple times and almost cried because it hurt her throat too much. So, we stayed home and lounged around and watched videos and did some chalk drawings on the driveway and whatnot.

As an alcohol experiment — when I went to Japan the last time, I picked up a bottle of Green Tea Matcha Kahlua. I used it to make a White Russian. Maybe I should call it a Green Russian? Anyway, it wasn’t bad. Regular White Russian is better.

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