Nov 262005

Here are some new pictures, from Thanksgiving and our anniversary mostly. There’s also two videos. This one is huge (~48 mb), and this one is not (~2mb). Sooner or later I’m going to put up the recipes for all the stuff we cooked. We cooked a lot. Apparently it’s not easy for two people to eat a feast for ten.

Nov 212005

Check it out. I love the hair! What a goober. How did he get to be the face of T13? And when did it stop being Triangle 13? Did Joey really post that like he had something to do with it? I liked Tom’s rant on there (if you follow the comments link, I think he’s the first one on there).

I found this doing some random Google Image Searches.

Nov 212005

Here‘s my newest lame attempt to turn Morphic Phoenix into a pirate. Don’t worry, you can compare it to the original lame attempt. How do you feel, Phoenix, with that guy’s beard on your face?