Month: June 2007

Martian the Crackpot

KrisDi has discovered an uncommon treasure at her workplace. She has a crackpot. We’ll call him the Martian. I’ve decided I want to start recording his rantings and ravings (when KrisDi has the patience to pay attention to them). We’ll try and start taking care of the backlog now.

The Martian is a talker. He talks a lot. And he doesn’t stop, even when it’s clear you’re not paying attention to him. KrisDi came into her new job and learned very early that there is an unofficial office policy: If an employee hears the Martian talking to another employee for too long, he or she should call the Martian’s victim and stay on the phone until the Martian is distracted and wanders away. This is called “Code Blue.”

However, it is unclear how effective this policy will remain, since the Martian has walked up and started talking to KrisDi while she is talking on the phone, and the Martian has continued his end of this imagined conversation for up to 10 or more minutes while KrisDi doesn’t turn to face him or reply to him in any fashion, and just continues talking on the phone.

The Martian suffers (or enjoys) delusions of grandeur. He is under the impression that he “may have invented” Computer Aided Drafting in the late ’70s, while working for Boeing. Wikipedia does not list his name, and lists the initial stages of CAD development as having occurred in the ’60s.

He recently discovered elastic waist band pants. Having fallen in love with the way they flatter his rump, he bought a dozen or so pairs. He also recently discovered, after ~30 years of work, that bringing a lunch is cheaper than going out for lunch. He’s quite impressed with this flash of brilliance, and has decided that everyone else is jealous of him for doing so.

I think that’ll be it for now. KrisDi will have to help me add more in the future.

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Trainer T-Day has come and gone, and I still have a lot of food to eat. When I’m done writing this, I’m either going to have stuffing, Grandma’s Weird Jello Fruit Salad Stuff, or a combination of those two and other things. I love Thanksgiving. I brought so much leftovers to work for lunch I couldn’t finish them. It was awesome. Mr. and Mrs. Pope brought three pies (French Silk, Razzleberry, and French Apple). Monocular Ben and his friend Mike came and visited and ate. E-Dubs and Crash Mandicoot came as well. And of course, my dear mother. It was very hot. There was a lot of work involved. For the last hour (while we had the turkey pan turned to allow the stuffing to fit in the oven with it), we couldn’t close the oven door, so I wedged it shut with a chair.

KrisDi did all the thinking and directing and I did all the work. It was a lot of work. Here are some pictures of Trainer T-Day plus the salmonberries I found in the greenbelt behind our apartment.

My finger has healed to the point that I no longer need to wear a bandage, and in fact I can get it wet and use it for most normal things, as long as I don’t let anything smack it on the injured area, because it’s still pretty tender. I’m still updating the pictures, as you can see. Much much better. I’ve been moving my finger in amazement ever since it stopped hurting to do so. Hooray! Mother Nature works! Plus KrisDi’s tender loving care. That helps a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever taken such meticulous care of an injury that didn’t require stitches, and I know I’ve taken worse care of injuries that probably would have required stitches but didn’t get them.

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