Month: December 2007

I didn’t break it

Here’s a bunch of pictures of our house over the course of November. It’s built, they haven’t painted the outside or installed gutters, they started smoothing out and painting the interior walls, but there’s no cabinet or flooring or fixtures yet (that was true when I wrote it, but now there are cabinets and countertops, tile and linoleum, and starting to get trim and interior doors, and now we have a door knob, even though it’s not the right one). They also haven’t done the landscaping they said they’d do. So we’ll see about that.

We also have some pictures of E-Dubs and Pixel Chick’s new dog Mia. She’s a Boston Terrier. For some reason, despite the fact that I’ve never been a fan of small dogs and I’ve always been vocal about it, my reputation as a human being is on the decline for not making an exception. Who knows, maybe this minuscule little gerbil of a dog will turn into a strapping young pit bull? Well, piffle, I say! Included in here are two really cool pictures of KrisDi’s drowning gingerbread man.

Our stuff started to fall apart the week I started writing this (got distracted, didn’t finish, didn’t get back to it for a couple weeks). My laptop started crashing, and eventually I either verified that my hard drive was broken or broke it in the process of trying to verify it. KrisDi’s monitor died and I neither fixed it nor made it more broken by dismantling it and putting it back together. KrisDi’s new monitor came in, and I took my little one back from her computer to my computer, where it has promptly started to die (one of the backlights only comes on about 85% of the time). I tried to fix the display on our bread maker and succeeded in taking it apart and re-assembling it (this process took like two months), again without worsening the behavior. I also think KrisDi’s UPS might be going out, because when I was taking my monitor and moving it to her machine, I bumped the power and her computer immediately died. That’s not what it’s supposed to do. I still haven’t gotten around to paying attention to that. Our shower also started to fall apart, and the maintenance guy came to take more tiles off and tape up a sheet of black plastic (very attractive). Another maintenance guy came by that Monday to put new tile, caulk, and grout up. They told us we could shower the following Tuesday morning. We did, and the shower fell apart again, so I taped a trash bag over it and called maintenance. We got a poorly-scrawled note jammed into our door saying they were trying to schedule to have someone come in and install a shower insert or something silly like that.
In completely unrelated news, Hum has been playing on a Cadillac commercial (I think this is a link to the commercial), which surprises me. Not many people have heard of Hum. That’s pretty cool for them, though.

We’ll be flying to Chicago in about four hours, so even though I have a bunch of stuff since I started writing this, I’m going to post it. I’ll write more from the Dub Family Abode.

—— Movies and Books and Whatnot ——

Knocked Up. It was all right. Not the best movie I’ve ever seen, but it had its funny parts. Some day, I’ll play fetch with someone’s kids.
Lorelei of the Red Mist by Ray Bradbury and Leigh Brackett. It’s a short story. An ugly little criminal steals a bunch of money from some company on Venus, dies in an upper-atmosphere colony peopled by Conan and some other barbarians, where an alien sticks his personality into Conan’s body. Pretty odd, kinda neat. I enjoyed it.

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