Month: February 2008

I live here now!

KrisDi have moved into our house, and it’s pretty awesome. We’re very busy, but overall we’re probably done with most of the unpacking. There’s a big mess of cables in the family room where I started to put together the entertainment stuff (the computer’s in place, but it’s not on and the receiver is not in — plus we can’t afford the TV yet). All the books are on shelves and all the bookshelves have contents of some sort. Computers and network are in place, bedrooms are put together and unpacked, laundry room is functional, dining room is empty except for random stuff that just happens to be on the floor there. Kitchen is unpacked and in use, of course. Garage is still a mess and unused, still have some things sitting randomly in boxes in the office. Getting there, though.

I’m not going to write a whole lot here right now. Let’s see: You may or may not have noticed, but I took out the “Challenge question” thing for posting comments and started using some new utility. It’s been working pretty well as far as preventing unwanted advertisements, but let me know if your comments don’t get published. After much suffering and gnashing of teeth, I upgraded WordPress. Thus far it has seemed like a step backward. It’s slightly slicker and shinier, but previously existing functionality has gone the way of the velcro shoe.

So, here are some pictures of the house the second day we were sleeping there — you can see we have nothing organized or put away, and in some cases people strewn throughout the house.

The kitchen was in working order in time for Valentine’s Day, so I made KrisDi lasagna and cheesy bread (if I may say so myself, it was awesome. I love my lasagna). Here’s some pictures of that, and the flowers, and the tasty beer we drank.

The following weekend (last weekend), our friend Tan (Coach) came up from California to visit his family. While Coach was here, we went out to a fancy restaurant called Ipanema and consumed a ridiculous volume of animal flesh. Of course we took some embarrassing pictures, and saw Steve and Chris, two other CA friends, PLUS we met his brother, sister, and brother-in-law, who are pretty fun too.

I’ve already had my hands full with the house: Knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets, pick buy and install blinds ($$$), fix this, change that, fill this gaping hole through the floor into the crawlspace, pull that small forest out from under the ‘beauty bark’ carelessly strewn through our back yard, hang cabinets, hose down the White Sox chairs and get unwittingly recruited into washing KrisDi’s car, etc…anyway, here are some pictures of the house in a finished state with some of the things we’ve added, plus some pictures of the view out the back when the sun is actually shining.

Other major news: Northwood has already secured for himself full-time post-collegiate employment in Virginia (wrong coast!). Tom made a baby. KrisDi and I started eating better after Christmas and I lost twenty pounds. I still like beer very much. I gave away a humongous sum of money to strangers. I’m in debt for the rest of my foreseeable future. KrisDi and I own a big awesome house. It’s easy to lose things in big awesome houses (I didn’t see my iPod for three days after we moved in).

More to come.

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