Month: March 2008

I am fat, happy, and lazy

Actually, not so much of the first. I’ve lost about 25 pounds since the first of the year — KrisDi and I have been ‘dieting.’ You may have heard of the technique. Eat less food, make sure the food you eat isn’t deep-fried lard with sugar on top (and a delectable nougat center). Eventually, we’ll probably start exercising. *continues sipping Vertical Epic — it’s reminding me of Leffe Blonde — yum!* But still, not particularly svelte.

However, happy and lazy still apply abundantly. A few other things. I’ll cover happy first.

— Happy —

I have lots of reasons to be happy. KrisDi is number one, of course, for her awesomeness as well as her other awesome attributes, including (but not limited to) indescribable hotness, sweetness so thick and juicy you could drown in it (or grill it and put barbecue sauce on it), incalculable adorability, and the ability to lift entire city blocks with the power of her capacious mind. I love her immensely. I also like our house a lot, which is pretty cool (not so much the mortgage, but it’s livable). I like Seattle, and I like beer (holy moly, that Hard Liver Barleywine Fest was awesome — I went three times, and probably sampled 80% of the barleywines available!). I like my job, which transitions smoothly to the next paragraph…

— *the “Mmmmmyummmmm…” sound that the intelligent doors made in the HHGG radio show*, signifying a transition —

…I got a promotion (which most people who read this already know). The VP called me from Japan a couple weeks ago. I couldn’t answer because I was attempting to park my manual transmission car; eventually KrisDi and I figured out that the +81 on the caller ID was Japan’s international prefix. Then we pondered and puzzled about whether or not it was a Navy guy who still happened to have my cell number (not very unlikely, really). He called back later and offered me the System Engineer position (for which I had not applied, but whose work I had been doing part time for several months) with a raise (handy for a guy who just got a mortgage). They had interviewed several people, found one person who was promising and had much more experience, but they “didn’t think he’d do as good a job.” I told the VP when he called me that I had been waiting for more feedback on the work I’d already been doing before officially expressing interest, and he said something along the lines of, “Well, this should serve as pretty positive feedback.” Apparently they’d been considering me for the job for about six months (which puts it around 4-5 months after I started working as a Test Engineer). It’s pretty gosh-darn neat to be recognized for hard work and capability. I like it. It’s also nice to get promotions and raises. Unfortunately, the next “promotion” would mean management (I’m now reporting to my original boss’s boss). DO NOT WANT!

— more happy! —

Enough about that. What else is making me happy today? Not working tomorrow (took the day off to watch the contractors who are coming for one-month warranty work on our awesome house). My terrific and expansive selection of entirely legal mp3s. I’ll mention KrisDi again, because I love her a lot. My family’s pretty cool. I like KrisDi’s family, too (they can drive me absolutely nuts sometimes, but what’s family for?). I also like that KrisDi’s older brother E-Dubs bought a townhome within easy walking distance of one of the best Belgian beer bars in the country (Brouwer’s Cafe). I’m happy my friends are healthy and happy (to the best of my knowledge). I’m happy I shouldn’t have to move any time soon. I’m happy Monocular Ben is supposed to come visit and eat some Chicken Tortilla Soup with us (and I hope he recovers from whatever obscure illness he’s contracted most recently). I’m happy GirlAndi’s daughter appears to enjoy the Domo-Kun doll I got her for her first birthday. I’m happy the Pope gave me a bottle of Glenkinchie Scotch, even though he shouldn’t have, because the purpose was to thank him for helping us move by giving him a nice meal, not to finagle a bottle of Scotch that cost more than the nice meal we gave him. It probably won’t happen, but he should come down and drink it with me and play some Scrabble. That’s more than fair for him — he’s one of the few people I know whose working vocabulary easily exceeds mine, and Scrabble gives no advantage to folks who type fast.

— Four West and the Pants of Ron Barlow! —

Speaking of Monocular Ben (I don’t know if he likes being called Monocular Ben, but I call him that because I know or have known at least two other Bens socially and work or have worked with at least two more, and a two-dimensional outlook on life certainly sets him apart from the others for the sake of others who know him not), I got a call from Joe (that’s really his name; I don’t know any online monikers for him), a guy from OU, yesterday. Apparently he’s settling down (as much as a military person can settle down) in North Carolina, and he’s thinking about coming out to Seattle to reunite with myself and M. Ben. I think it would be fun. Ben and he and me could relive our struggling-to-juggle days and wonder where the time has gone. Speaking of which, apparently my ability to juggle four balls has increased without any sort of practice. I’ve learned this at work, where I pick up my juggling Koosh balls when I do too much 3d geometry and need to clear my head.

— Punt! —

Lazy? Yes. I wanted to post, and I didn’t feel like doing anything special like ‘preparing photographs’ or ‘thinking ahead’, so I started drinking beer and typing. Two of my greatest (and least marketable) skills. Perhaps those are two of the reasons I got promoted? I hope so, I don’t see an immediate end to either hobby.

— Bitch and moan… —

Yet somehow I spent the greater part of my weekend working at others’ houses (E-Dubs and Mom). E-Dubs is currently enjoying a patented Created By snaotheus ™ Network Configuration, while Mom is being blinded by The Light (patent pending — I’m certain Mom will soon have a photo up). I did do a little work at my own house. I needed to straighten out the tools in their five-ish toolboxes in my garage, because every time I went out there for something specific, I’d spend 30-60 minutes looking for it, and then come back in a shitty mood sans whatever I was looking for. KrisDi doesn’t need me in a shitty, snipish mood without a good reason.

— Photoshop is a hobby —

I re-did the Darth LaRyantrelle Photoshop for Mr. and Mrs. Andi, since apparently Mr. Andi found it hilarious. You may have seen it in my previous, diminutive post. Andi sent me a high-resolution version of the source picture, to which I added the light saber again and from which I removed the flashlight again. I think I did a better job with the the light saber, but I think I did a terrible job fabricating the shelf top between her fabricated legs (here comes the Gaussian blur…). The fake hand is so-so, but it was so-so when I started with the 640×480 version.

— In closing… —

It has come to my attention that I’ve typed many words. This has come to my attention because I ran out of beer and my Modest Mouse album (Building Nothing Out Of Something) ended. Reading this may be a chore for many of you. For that I apologize. Drink a beer and curse my name and lineage if that will make you feel better. Mail me beers and scripts for curses that I might drink and curse in your place, should you not feel up to the task. Is ‘martyrical’ a word? It would rhyme with ‘lyrical’. Unfortunately, it appears that ‘martyrish‘ is the word. What the hell does that rhyme with?

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We still live here

We have survived our first mortgage payment. Actually, as of right now, the money hasn’t been taken out of my savings account and deposited in the ginormous debt account. I can only assume that it will happen soon, since it was scheduled for today.

I uploaded some old pictures from living in California. I also uploaded some new pictures of our house (and a giant Troll in the neighborhood into which E-Dubs and Pixel Chick will be moving on Easter weekend). We’ve painted one wall in the family room (apparently this is called an ‘accent wall’), and then we painted the half-bath downstairs. The colors are “Squirrel” and “Mountain Creek” respectively. I am as skilled at painting as I would have supposed, and I enjoy it nearly as much as I guessed I would. We’re basically unpacked and have started decorating (Pixel Chick still needs to come back and teach us how to make a valance work). I built platforms for our White Sox chairs and stapled carpet to the platforms.

Soon we will be having Easter at our place (hosting at least the Polish Army, and a number of other possible guests who have yet to be invited). That same weekend, of course, is E-Dubs’ birthday, and the weekend that he and Pixel Chick close on and move into their new Fremont townhome. So, once again, KrisDi’s parents will be coming into town to help their kids moves. I think they’re masochists.

I have finally finished the 100 or so pages that remained of Dhalgren after Christmas break (yes, that’s about 100 pages of reading in 58 days — do you think I’ve had other stuff to do? 60 pages of it was last night). But I’m not going to write about that one today, because it’s huge, and just the words I didn’t know from that book would constitute an entire post. I’ll talk about the work book I finished later.

I know I’m going to be missing some stuff here. Maybe I’ll write again later.

Oooh! Here’s a thing I almost forgot: The other day, KrisDi’s professor wrote her an email telling her that she got 122 out of 230 on her midterm. I didn’t believe it, but KrisDi was worried enough about it that she wrote back to the teacher, stressed about it all night, and had trouble sleeping because of it. The next day, her professor wrote back and said, “Oh, sorry, that was a typo, you got 212.” Then KrisDi told me about the horrible dream she’d had, in which she had quadruplets, two of which died somehow. One of the survivors was “an evil green onion kid.”

“Like it’s head was the white part of the green onion, and it had big green things sticking out of the top?”

“No…it was just an evil green onion.”

How cool is that? I wonder how evil green onions taste, as compared to regular old run-of-the-mill green onions?

We had a bunch of neighbors close and start moving in. One of them is named Andy. Our immediate neighbor is named Joe, and his wife is Keisha, and they have a seven year old daughter, but they won’t be closing and moving in until April.


The Island of Dr. Moreau, by HG Wells. It was a book about why you shouldn’t flay your pets alive, morph them into humanoid forms, hypnotize and condition them into a half-religious fervor demanding human-like behavior and reverence of you like unto God. It was a book about how the only thing that separates humans from animals is the humanoid form and the half-religious fervor demanding human-like behavior, and a somewhat more pronounced ability to reason. It was a book about a cold, unforgiving God that creates creatures in his image only to abandon them to their suffering when they fail to live up to that image. It was a book about a crazy castaway (and his skipper) whose three-hour tour ended up on an island populated by an insane doctor, an alcoholic, and a whole bunch of hairy freaks. It was also turned into a Simpsons episode, so how bad can it be?

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