Month: June 2008

Big News (and some pictures)

So, I asked KrisDi to marry me on Saturday (May 31st). You may recall some of the times I’ve mentioned how awesome she is. I love her madly. And, since she said “Fine, whatever…” she must think I’m OK, too. Hurray!

The story, which is decidedly unromantic but pretty typical of the two of us, is as follows:

We went to Snoqualmie Falls, where they filmed Twin Peaks, to hike on the path and see the waterfall (yes, of course we took pictures — we even saw a moose and a bear and an Ent and a slug). I was hoping we’d find a pretty, quiet place and I’d ask her, but it’s way too touristy and therefore too crowded.

So, then we went to the Snoqualmie Brewery and drank nearly every beer on their menu. I figured that was probably not an appropriate setting for proposal either, so again I didn’t.

Then we went to a podunk bowling alley (Adventure Bowl — no website) to sober up, where I again decided not to ask her to marry me.

She beat me squarely two games in a row, and then we went back to the brewery because we wanted to try the nachos. KrisDi had another beer. Then we drove home (and KrisDi fell asleep in the car).

So we took a nap when we got home. Then, when we were up and about in our pajamas, I asked her if she wanted some wine. We sat down to drink it on the couch, and I asked her to marry me. The infinitely patient angel actually accepted. She claims to be “surprised and happy and excited.”

Other responses have ranged from “About time!” to “Finally!” to “About fucking time!”

Now I have a fiancée!

———- Other pictures ———-

On Memorial Day weekend, we dog-sat for E-Dubs and Pixel Chick. KrisDi forced me to sit still while she photographed the wretched dog torturing me.

KrisDi was out of town for two weeks. So I didn’t shave. And then I shaved it into a goatee, and then a mustache. To see some genuinely horrible pictures of me, go here.

We got a fancy new TV, which was exciting to hook up.

We got a little more graffiti, and I borrowed Mom’s pressure washer to wash it off. See?

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