Month: August 2008

Whatcha been up to?

Sat July 12: Visit Mom
Sat July 19: Dad visits
Wed July 23: Dad leaves
Sat July 26: Drive to Oregon Brewers Fest
Sun July 27: Drive back
Thu July 31: Stay in SeaTac airport
Fri Aug 1: Leave for Chicago
Mon Aug 4: Return
Weekend of Aug 11: Nothing!
Sat Aug 16: Panicked trip to Mom’s to rebuild computer
Sun Aug 17: Neighbors’ party
Mon Aug 18: KrisDi’s parents arrive
Tue Aug 19: I leave for Chicago
Sat Aug 23: I return, Joe flies in
Sun Aug 24: See Joe, KrisDi’s parents stay
Tue Aug 26: MeiMei and Russ arrive
Wed Aug 27: KrisDi’s parents leave
Fri Aug 29: MeiMei and Russ stay with us
Mon Sep 1: MeiMei and Russ leave
Fri Sep 5: KrisDi and I go to Chicago
Mon Sep 8: See Wilmy, Mr. & Mrs. Andi, and LaRyantrelle
Mon Sep 8: Start staying at a hotel for work
Thu Sep 11: We come back
Fri Sep 12: Jon coming?
Sat Sep 13: Puyallup Fair
Sat Sep 20: Weesh arrives
Sun Sep 21: Oktoberfest
Mon Sep 22: Weesh leaves
Oct 9-12: Watching Mia in Fremont
Oct 17-19: Jerry’s wedding in San Francisco

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I’m not dead yet

Hello, I don’t have the energy to do a whole lot of fancy linking or uploading pictures or anything like that, so I’m just going to ramble for a few minutes, assure you of my continuing “alive” status, and be on my merry way.

Last night we got back from Chicago around midnight. We had spent the preceding Sunday, Saturday, and Friday nights at KrisDi’s parents’ place. The night before we spent in the SEA-TAC airport. I hate flying standby. In Chicago, I fell asleep at a Bears practice, drank a few beers, helped P-Dubs with his Intel Assembly homework, and went to a family friend’s retirement party. KrisDi hung out with her maid of honor (Weesh), and of course the ‘rents.

The three days before that, I was attending a class on Software Requirements. I went to work the Monday before that.

The weekend before that, we went to the Oregon Brewer’s Festival, in which we had:
1. Wednesday: Papa Dubs comes in from China to stay at Hotel A.
2. Thursday: P-Dubs flies in on Standby from Chicago to stay at a friend’s.
3. Friday: Mama Dubs flies in on Standby from Chicago to stay at Hotel A.
4. Saturday: E-Dubs, Pixel Chick, and the little dog come down to our place, …
5. Saturday Morning Continued: …we drive them to Portland, drop them off at Hotel A and let them walk to the festival and meet P-Dubs…
6. Saturday Morning Continuing to Continue: …while KrisDi and I drive to Hotel B and then walk/take the train to the festival a drink for a few hours…
7. Saturday Afternoon: …when it gets really crowded after a few hours and no one wants to wait 45 minutes for a four ounce sample of beer…
8. Saturday Evening: …so Mama and Papa Dubs go back to Hotel A, E-Dubs, Pixel Chick, P-Dubs, KrisDi and I go back to Hotel B and drop of E-Dubs and Pixel Chick so they can sleep…
9 Saturday Night: …and then KrisDi and I take P-Dubs back to his friend’s house, along which way we became lost and got pulled over for running a red light…
10. Saturday Night: … but luckily the cop took pity on us and the “dumbest directions” he’d ever seen, giving us better directions and sent us on our way…
11. Saturday Night: …after which we discovered that P-Dubs was locked out until his friend was done showering (neighborhood not so nice)…
12. Saturday Night: …but that was OK, we abandoned him and went back to Hotel B to sleep…
13. Saturday Night: …where I didn’t sleep because E-Dubs snores like a smaller, quieter version of his Mom with a partially functional muffler.
14. Sunday: Out to breakfast, then to un-shuffle everyone, leave E-Dubs and Pixel at Hotel A to watch the little dog, take Mama and Papa Dubs to the airport and meet P-Dubs to pick up a book he brought me, return to Portland to meet up again with E-Dubs and Pixel and Little Dog, and then bum around before finally driving home.

At least the Little Dog didn’t pee on anything I care about. On the bright side, the beer was good, Portland is fun, it was a pretty good weekend despite being ridiculously complicated, and I happened upon a CD I’d been looking for for several years for only $8.50.

Prior to that, I worked on Thursday and Friday. Prior to that, Pa and Step Ma visited for a weekend and three weekdays (Hiking at Noble Knob off in the boony wilderness, wine tasting, wandering around Seattle and its underground, and a whole day looking at sailboats).

Prior to that is starting to stretch my ability to recall. Plus, I’m tired of typing and I need to go move my sprinkler to a different section of the lawn.

Now that you have proof that I’m not dead yet, you can rest easily knowing that I’ll probably, eventually, type again.

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