Month: September 2008

I got nothin’ important to say, but I’ll say stuff anyhow

The Weesh left yesterday. That was fun. We went to Chicago not too long ago, and saw the Wilmy and the Andi and the LaRyantrelle and the Mr. Andi (as well as all KrisDi’s family), which was also fun. I saw Joe for a short while (and the Pope and Monocular Ben, all at once — that was pretty fun) while KrisDi’s ‘rents were visiting (also fun).

Before that, my memory starts getting a little fuzzy. I should go look at my previous post, but I’m pretty sure my “sum up the last month or so since I posted” post will mostly be, “That was a lot of stuff and it was fun but now I’m tired.”

We went to Oktoberfest in Fremont last weekend and had a good time. We spent most of our time cozying up to strangers under whatever makeshift shelter was available (it rained pretty steadily). I think we spent half an hour with a leprechaun.

I’m still doing yardwork when I’m home. I started a moderately long term landscaping project the other day by buying a chisel and sledge hammer and three bricks, which I promptly trimmed using the hammer and chisel. I’m a stonemason! This can only end with a 75′ tall, 30′ thick guard wall with hourly patrols.

Wedding planning continues. KrisDi bought a dress, which I assume is made mostly out of purple tattoos and ethereal green smoke. We are planning on having a large wedding party — five ladies and five men, in addition to KrisDi and me (an even dozen). I can only assume that part of a traditional Polish Catholic wedding is harnessing the entire wedding party together in an attempt to haul a chariot full of cherry lit cherry bombs a mile before they start to blow (that sounds pretty cool, and jives pretty well with my family’s wedding tradition of “doing whatever the hell we feel like doing because we don’t do weddings very often.”).

We have the church booked (and at least one of my brothers is concerned about spontaneously combusting on entry). We have flights and a hotel booked for our honeymoon. We have a reception hall. KrisDi and her entourage seem to be getting close to picking bridesmaids’ dresses.

We don’t have music (although we’re checking into getting E-Dubs’ musician friends to play). We don’t have a photographer. We don’t have flowers. We don’t have cake. We don’t have a limo. We don’t have tuxes. We have not yet found an armed dwarven guard service, but we’re working on it. I’m sure there’s a million things I’m not aware we don’t have yet.

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