Month: March 2009

Vacation Time

P-Dubs and KrisDi’s parents came into town to look for apartments, since P-Dubs is moving out here in a few months. This was “spring break”.

This is what folks like us do on spring break.

Because we can.

We also ate lots of delicious, junky food and spent time hanging around. We visited Hard Liver Fest with P-Dubs and his friend from Portland as well. All around, it was a good time.

Much more fun than having my mouth poked and prodded by a stranger with sharp metal instruments today.

As an experiment, Northwood and I have started a secondary blog, mostly to post pictures of beers we’re drinking. I’m doing most of the posting. Probably because I’m more comfortable with this other style of blog thing. Anyway, if you care, here it is.

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Sci Fi Dream

I’m going to have to reconstruct most of this since I’m writing it 17 hours after I woke up, but I had a pretty long science fiction dream last night.

I think I was part of a colonization party where we went to some planet that was somewhat arid. We genetically engineered (or maybe mutated locals) into somewhat intelligent beings, and something went wrong. Not with the genetic engineering, like you would expect, but for some reason all the colonists needed to evacuate. I don’t think it was a revolt among the genetically engineered folks, maybe like an impending armageddon either from an incoming comet or an enemy attack of some sort.

Anyway, no one was worried about evacuating the genetically engineered folks, and only a couple of the colonists (including myself) were left behind. I think I must have had an incredibly long life span in this dream, because I was around long enough for the genetically engineered folks to develop a society remarkably similar to today’s USA, but shallower.

I was a celebrity, being a member of the colonizing party, but more like a venerated anachronism than anything else. I had a part on a TV news show (or I had my own TV show) where I could talk about whatever I wanted. The idea was that I would impart great wisdom to my audience.

My favorite part of the dream was the very clear thought that I had long since given up on anyone actually caring about the thoughts behind what I said, let alone any real meaning. Since no one was going to pay enough attention to understand what I said, I made a conscious choice to never repeat myself, since that would just bore them and then no one would listen at all.

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Engagement Photos (belatedly)

Well, it’s about damn time I got these pictures ready for upload. It’s mostly my fault, but not all my fault (or so I shall maintain).

Anyway, so the Sunday after we arrived in Chicago for Christmas, we had an appointment with our wedding photographer, Matt Schademann, for two hours of “engagement photos” around Chicago.

It was a bit chilly out. Seven below, and the wind blowing from 25 to 35 miles per hour. That comes out to about -30 to -40 with windchill. That’s damn cold for a hatless jackass. Especially when that gloveless jackass is instructed to grab onto a steel girder. Between the wind and the cold, my eyes would water and I wouldn’t feel the tears running down my cheeks.

KrisDi was stumbling through the snow and ice in heels, of course, so I was taking my time in order to be supportive to her (physically supportive — I didn’t want her falling!). As I’m strolling calmly through the frigid gusts, jacket fluttering gaily in the breeze, our six-foot-something Jeep-driving gloved-and-hatted photographer stops and looks at me and says, “You must be way tougher than me. You’re not even flinching!”

Of course, my response was, “Don’t worry. I’m fucking freezing.”

So, he took us around Chicago, we spent short bursts of time out in the cold where he would give us ridiculous instructions like “Act natural!” It was 35 below. Naturally, we wanted to go inside and have some hot cocoa. “Look hip!” We’re two white engineers from the midwest. “Pretend I’m not here!” Why the hell are we out here in the cold, then?

Thankfully, after a while, he took us into Union Station, where it was bearable. We continued to get confusing instructions, though. “Pretend like you’re going to steal that giant Christmas decoration. Hey, no, put it back down! HEY!”

Anyway, part of the deal is that he’d clean up 15 of them suitable for publishing, and then we paid for a couple extra. Some of them he did two ways — they have a weird shadow effect. Let me know if you like the weird shadow effect more than the standard pictures.

Here are the pictures.

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