Month: May 2009

Carara National Park

Here’s a bunch of photos from our hike in Carara National Park in Costa Rica. They should include some bad pictures of a howler monkey, boat billed herons, toucans, ants, crocodiles, many lizards, innumerable plants, butterflies, and a bunch of other stuff we couldn’t identify. We didn’t get any pictures of scarlet macaws, but we saw them.

Below, you will find a few videos.

Jungle Sounds

A swarm of ants whose path crossed ours

A path built by carpenter ants. It was at least a couple inches deep.

KrisDi and I both tried to get videos of lizards running on water:


Plus, I had the…interesting opportunity of seeing crocodiles eat their dead. One:


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Hello everyone! KrisDi has returned to me, and now that she’s basically done with school, she has more time to devote to taking care of me. It’s about time!

It’s less than two weeks until our wedding. In two weeks, we’ll be in Costa Rica. We have a few exciting things planned. We’re going to drink in a pool. We’re going to work extremely hard at not getting sunburnt. I’m going to drink the most ridiculous tropical themed tourist drinks I can find. If it comes in a pineapple, I want it. If it comes in something else, give it to me in a coconut. We’re going to do a zipline tour of the jungle. We’re going to see a volcano. I want to go snorkeling. Mostly, I want to enjoy a nice, relaxing vacation away from home with my new wife. Whether she likes it or not.

We got to go see Grandma yesterday, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her so excited. We nearly had to call in the fire department and have them bring the Jaws of Life to extract KrisDi from her loving hug. Grandma’s pretty excited about gaining a granddaughter-in-law. It was nice to see her. And Mom, since we were in the area. 😛

We saw millions of tulips last weekend when Mei visited us. I’ll have to put pictures up, but that’s going to be difficult, since there’s something like 340 of them. I’ll have to cut it down to a more reasonable number.

I have now been working at my job for two years. And KrisDi is (as I have mentioned) literally days away from having a Masters’ degree.

Life is moving along.

— Update —

I put up some pictures. A very small selection of the total. Here they are.

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