Month: June 2009

Back in time…

…to more than a month ago.

Yeah, I’m behind. I spent a week out of the country, and then the in laws were here for a week, and then we relaxed for a week, and then the in-laws came back. I’m posting at six in the morning. I’m going in to work late because I have three days of training and I have to be there late. So there!

Anyway, yesterday we got our professional pictures back. Low resolution ones. 903 pictures, at nearly half a gigabyte. Some of them are awesome. I think I’ll post them up here later. We don’t get the high resolution copies for nine months or something like that, but you’ll be able to order prints directly from the photographer (Matt) in the meantime if you like.

Anyway, today I’m posting pictures from four cameras (mine, KrisDi’s, D’s, and Weesh’s) of the rehearsal dinner. This time I did actually go through and cull out bad, boring, or repetitive pictures, so it’s probably a little easier to look through. In the near future (near is a relative term), I’ll go back through the wedding photos I’ve posted and trim that down a little bit, plus go through the other photos from other folks’ cameras (speaking of which, feel free to send us CDs chock full of all the fabulous pictures you took at our wedding).

Anyway, here’s the pictures.

You have no idea how buried in pictures I am. Several gigabytes worth. Holy moly.

P-Dubs moved up here last week (although he still hasn’t spent a single night in his new apartment). He brought me a beer fridge, which is really exciting, and about $400 of miscellaneous liquor (which is also really exciting), and a bunch of our wedding/shower presents, and a moving truck with which we transported a grill and a chunk of furniture we’re calling “the big unit,” for lack of anything else to call it. Combination wine rack/dresser/side table/bookshelf/display case. I don’t have a picture of it yet.

It’s KrisDi’s birthday today! Call her, write her, or sign on here to wish her a happy birthday! Better yet, put up a YouTube video of yourself singing to her!

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