Month: August 2009


By popular demand (as in, John told me I should do it), I have uploaded Lola to YouTube.

She’s a robot John, Travis, Nathan, two other classmates, and I built at OU for our Control Systems class. She kicked ass.

The “Target” is a remote control car driven by the teacher. It has a giant metal bowl upside down on top of it, with a big ring around it, and an IR emitting turret. The goal is to chase the thing down (by homing on the IR emitters) and grab onto the ring.

Lola was a simple but effective robot.

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More catch-up

I have to talk about the things we did in the past, because we’re pretty boring. But first, I want to tell you about a weird dream I had in the past:

Many of you met Weesh’s Mom, who is kind and warm on par with saints. I dreamed that she was a serial killer. I was trying to get through some strange combination of a shopping mall and my old middle school, and when I finally made it out the back (after going up some dead escalators, I was at the bottom of a steep slope, and their was a skull rolling down the hill that looked like it had been gnawed on. I looked up the hill, and there was Mrs. Weesh, who confessed everything to me in the James Bond villain style of gloatingly revealing all the details of your brilliant plan. So that was a little disturbing.

Yeah. Anyway, I put up a bunch more pictures of our wedding (this time from Weesh’s camera). I had some fun photoshopping one of them. Compare this with this.

Shortly after the wedding, we went to the Washington Brewers Festival and had a good time. Drank lots of beer and met up with several of my co-workers and got to play with a breathalyzer. KrisDi blew some ridiculously high number, but we can’t remember what it was. We watched Tim (owner and operator of T-Bone Industries) toss a keg as part of a competition. We forgot our cameras, I think, because I don’t have any pictures to share.

We also went to the Oregon Beer Festival in Portland, and we do have a couple pictures of that one. We drank lots and lots and had a good time, we met P-Dubs at the festival (E-Dubs and Pixel Chick had gone earlier in the week) along with his friend’s wife and her brother. Afterward, KrisDi and I were a little drunk on our walk back to the hotel. We stopped at Deschutes for dinner and ordered another beer (which we didn’t finish). I apparently left my credit card there when we left, which made checking in at the hotel pretty exciting. When we got into our room at eight, we lay down and fell asleep until 8:54, when one of us woke up and said, “We should probably turn out the lights.” And then we slept some more until nine in the morning. It was great.

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Grandma vs the Sundae

KrisDi and I went up to visit Ma and Grandma yesterday, since we haven’t seen them in a while and now we have a copy of our wedding video to show Grandma. Traditionally, we pick up Chinese and have lunch with Grandma, but since she recently had a couple teeth yanked, Ma thought it would be nice to bring her soup and a soft serve sundae.

Grandma didn’t seem terribly excited about the soup since she didn’t finish it, but she scarfed down the ice cream like nothing else. I have never seen her eat that much. She was scraping the bottom with her spoon looking for more.

Afterward, she wasn’t feeling well, as you can tell by the video below. Poor old woman.

She seemed pretty excited about the wedding video.

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Catch Up!

So, let’s see, as my beautiful wife reminds me, I’m a little behind.

For instance, I haven’t talked about this year’s Washington Brewers’ Festival. Of course we went, and of course we drank copiously. That’s what we do. KrisDi blew some horrendously high number on the breathalyzer (they had a tent there for you to try it!), and I met up with several co-workers. We ate and got sunburnt and enjoyed ourselves. I’m not sure where it will be next year, because rumor has it that the park it has been held at for the last few years will be closing. I don’t really know how a park closes, but I imagine they just stop keeping it up.

We (including E-Dubs and Pixel Chick and their abominable “canine”) also went camping at Deception Pass. I don’t remember going tent camping before (although I’ve camped and slept in tents frequently), and I don’t think KrisDi or the others ever have. This is definitely my first memory of living out of a cooler for a couple days.

Let me say, I think our cooler could have been laid out better.

No luxury was left behind (except for the house). We toasted bagels over charcoal for lox & bagels, which was delicious, but probably more ‘gourmet’ than anything I ever ate when camping with a full blown stove, oven, and grill. We had a selection of beers (Blue Moon, Pyramid’s newly named “Audacious” Apricot, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale) and ate several burgers that were fancier than I make at home. We tried to make a beer cabbage (beer + brown sugar dumped into a cabbage and wrapped in tin foil, stuck in the fire for a while) which turned out mediocre.

I smashed my camera on Saturday morning. I went out walking by the ocean and walked up on some rocks, which were wet. I had the camera in my pocket, slipped and landed right on top of it. I guess I’m lucky I didn’t break any bones (it was a pretty hard fall, and I was a little sore afterward).

Deception Pass is beautiful, however. There’s a section where a freshwater lake is separated from the ocean by only about 100 feet of sandbar. The view from the bridge is incredible (we went on a relatively easy hike from the our campsite to the bridge). I also invented the “s’mo-betta” — s’mores + peanut butter. Fucking delicious!

Anyway, here are the pictures I took before I landed on my camera.

Remember, this is the camera I bought to replace my old camera just before our wedding because it was smoking every time the flash went off. That means I had it for about two months before replacing it.

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Ugly snaotheus

Quick link to the horrible pictures of my horrible facial hair that I grew while KrisDi was gone. In other news, thank heavens she’s back. But she’s only back for a week.

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