Month: September 2009

Outdoorsy Stuff

The inlaws are in town. Of course, they’re spending their time doing chores. My lawn got mowed (thanks Les!) and my underwear got folded and color-coordinated (thanks D!).

I’m hanging out at E-Dubs’ with my entire inlaw clan today, keeping myself busy while they watch the Bears (they won), bitch about the White Sox, and bitch about their fantasy teams. Luckily, they’re Polacking out and making home-made sauerkraut and pierogi and beet soup. It’s delicious.

So, I’ve prepared some pictures for you.

Recently, we (KrisDi, P-Dubs, E-Dubs, Pixel Chick, and me) went camping at Ocean City State Park. We learned some lessons (at least, KrisDi and I did), and had prepared breakfast burritos to be reheated rather than spending several hours each day preparing food on the slow-ass camp grill. That was KrisDi’s idea. She’s a genius. So here are a bunch of pictures: Saturday and Sunday. I particularly like E-Dubs cackling with a mouthful of ‘smores. Look for it.

Last month, when it was super hot, P-Dubs went with KrisDi and me to go tubing in Leavenworth — we bought a couple cheap waterproof cameras at Target for our honeymoon, and didn’t use them, so we brought them tubing. We rented a cooler tube and filled it with cans of Fat Tire and floated in the frigid water. It was very relaxing and highly recommended. I want to do it again next summer. Anyway, the pictures turned out crappy, but here they are.

And then, way way way back, KrisDi and I went to Coachella. It was a strange experience. It was unbelievably hot (the heat shattered some dude’s windshield in the parking lot, and the heat woke us up around six each morning), and I don’t even know how many people I saw pass out from the heat. We saw lots of strangeness and lots of bands. But management was such a pain in the ass I wouldn’t go back. Pictures from Day 1 and Day 2.

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One Question (among many)

Occasionally, I see Worlds Oldest Person Dies headlines in the news. I dont find this especially newsworthy.

Why do I never see Worlds Youngest Person Born headlines?

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Weekend Activities

Yesterday, I helped move a chicken coop.

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