Month: October 2009

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Hi! It’s been more than a week, but you’ll live. I promise. Well, at least you won’t die because of my failure to post. But I’m here now, so never fear.

White Russians are delicious. Especially when you use eight servings of heavy whipping cream each (120% of your daily saturated fat! mmmmmmm….). It’s like a shake! You can feel the fat coating your lips! KrisDi had bought a bunch of heavy whipping cream to make Knoephla soup, which was delicious (thanks again for the recipe, Wilmy’s mom!), and then I gave it all away to co-workers at the best potluck I’ve ever attended. A bunch of them really liked it, including a Chinese guy who wanted the recipe so he could “Chinese it up.” When I talked to him this morning, I found that he had added baby bok choy and replaced the ham with shrimp or some other such thing…such craziness. I’d still try it.

Speaking of cooking, KrisDi is still an excellent cook. Check out some pictures of more things we have eaten recently! All delicious!

Last weekend was pumpkin carving weekend. This year we decided on Futurama characters, which turned out easier than some previous years (damn you Johnnie Walker, damn you Arrogant Bastard). I did Bender, KrisDi did Nibbler. So here they are!

E-Dubs and Pixel Chick got engaged (congratulations to them!), so next year at this time they’ll be Mr. and Mrs. E-Dubs.

I’ve been spending my evenings programming in C#, which I’m sure bores everyone to death. I felt awfully smart when I successfully implemented a recursive function (until I realized that although it worked, it wasn’t what I needed). So, I wrote a program that searches files and replaces parts of the file names if I so desire. Now I’m going to re-write it and try to use decent programming practices. Because I’m a nerd.

Oh, and I had such a weird dream last night. I don’t remember all of it, but here’s what I do remember: Michael Jackson, although dead, still owned a large tract of land that included a pretty large swath of mountains. There was a big quarry-pit sort of thing that I somehow wandered into with an ENORMOUS machine that looked kind of like a combine. I don’t know what to call the driver’s seat area, but I’m going to call it a bridge because it was spacious and fancy. I ran into the captain (or driver, or whatever), who explained that this big-ass machine was for landscaping, and proceeded to demonstrate. It destroyed huge areas of land and replaced whatever had been growing there with tulips — full grown and already colorful (mostly purple). The areas that had been “landscaped” in this fashion were clearly delineated by where the forest ended and the tulips began. Many of the tulips on the edges of these areas were brown and wilting. Right up the sides of the mountains.

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KrisDi and I just got back from a five day trip to Hawaii. We got a four star hotel (Hawaii Prince Hotel) in Waikiki for a great deal using Priceline. They gave us a room on the 30th floor with a nice view.

Day one: We didn’t do much but wander around and visit our friend Tan, who was in town for work. Pictures!

Day two: We went to Waikiki beach to go swimming. Oddly enough, we saw a big ass sea turtle there, who was obviously lost. He scared the crap out of KrisDi. We also saw a small wedding ceremony, and at least five other brides who were there for pictures. Later, we went to Germaine’s luau, where we got to see a bunch of pseudo-traditional stuff (I somehow doubt that microphones and spotlights and a crowd of about 700 tourists are truly traditional). I won the luau! Which translates to getting two pictures for free (a twenty dollar value!) plus a flower lei and a plastic water bottle. Pictures! And here are a bunch of videos (links instead of thumbnails because there are too many):
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7
Video 8
Video 9

Day three: We went to see Pali Lookout, which was extremely windy. It’s worth a thumbnail.

We also went to the Punchbowl Cemetery. Then we met Tan for dim sum. Then we went to the beach, where we saw another three or four brides, and later we went drinking, where we met up with Tan again. Pictures!

Day four: We went to Hanauma Bay to go snorkeling — I had a great time, KrisDi had an okay time. The bay is beautiful, the fish were cool and plentiful, and the crowd grew rapidly. Then we met up with KrisDi’s extended family, who took us to see various things around other parts of the island we wouldn’t have gotten to without their guidance, such as Matsumoto Shave Ice and the Dole Plantation. Pictures!

Day five: Breakfast at Duke’s, and then flying home. Pictures!

Too short!

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Edibles, Nearly Edibles, and Projectiles

KrisDi’s been a busy little cook lately. Right now, as I am stationed slug-like in front of my computer, she’s making chili. Because she’s awesome. Here’s a gallery of things she’s made lately. They’re delicious. The turkey legs are impressive if for no reason other than their size.

Additionally, Mom came to visit last weekend. We got her fairly soused and spent a couple hundred dollars on wines during our Northwest Wine Tour: Chateau Ste Michelle, Silver Lake, and Dusted Valley. We went to a Salmon Festival in Issaquah, which was madly crowded. We did get to see some salmon, though, which was a little surprising. Aside from working on Mom’s broke-ass computer, I made her try bread in a can. An interesting experience. I have actually had bake play-dough, and I prefer the play-dough.

Last but not least, Mr. and Mrs. Andi gave us a build-it-yourself trebuchet for a wedding present. I’ve had it assembled and working for a long time now, but it wasn’t working very well. The knots on the basket thingy came apart, and when I retied them, apparently I got the lengths closer to right, and it actually flies fairly well now. We took a video, and I made a low motion version. So here you go:

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