Month: December 2009

Some Pictures

I don’t have a great deal to say.

Here’s a random collection of pictures over the last few weeks. KrisDi is visibly excited about the winter clothes that she got. She claims she bought them to prepare for North Dakota, but I think she got them because she thinks they’re cute. There’s a bunch of pictures of delicious food. Speaking of which, KrisDi provided meatballs and pulled pork to my workplace, and has further improved her reputation as a cook. We also visited Mom and Grandma, and I used my incredible persuasiveness to convince her that she needed to spend a lot of money on beer. Now she’s prepared for getting snowed in.

We had a pre-Christmas gift exchange in Seattle. Here are some pictures. KrisDi got a Wii. E-Dubs won a round of Wii Bowling, and celebrated profusely (please note, I turned my camera on about halfway into his celebration). Everybody got some nice stuff.

Last, and certainly not least, I finally got to fulfill my tropical drinks plan. Costa Rica and Hawaii both failed to provide drinks in fresh coconut or pineapple vessels. So, once we found the umbrella toothpicks we needed, we made our own. Mr. and Mrs. Pope were blessed enough to be in the vicinity for this auspicious affair. Let me tell you, making a sufficient vessel out of a coconut is a challenge. A 1 1/2″ spade bit was a poor tool for the job. A 1/4″ spade bit used as a router did an OK job. A Dremel tool with a cutting disc did an OK job. Next time, perhaps, I will master the process. Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures.

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