Month: February 2010


Well, I think winter is officially over here in Washington. You can’t call it winter if it stays over 40 all the time.

So, what’s been up? KrisDi and I got our furniture (except for the two end chairs). It mostly works. It’s quite pretty, but the glass for the shelves doesn’t quite fit. We’re still nagging/negotiating with the dealer to figure out how to get that tied up. Here are the pictures.

Our friends Jerry and Amy visited us, and we spent a little time wandering around time with them — KrisDi more than I. I had to work. Damn government employees. Here’s some pictures we took with them.

KrisDi and I decided to visit Portland for a brewery/restaurant tour. We overate and overdrank and came back a little worse for wear. We didn’t make it into work on Monday.

We had a wonderful breakfast at the Arleta Library Bakery the morning we got there, checked in at our lovely hotel, then walked to Roots Brewing for a couple beers. Then we walked about a mile and a half to travel the six blocks to get to Bunk Sandwiches. Then we walked to Lucky Labrador Brewing, and then took a long walk to Horse Brass for a couple more beers and the best fish and chips I’ve had. We took a cab back and had a quick nap before heading out to the Brasserie to watch our friend Sam the bassist play a bit. Here’s our pictures for that day.

The next day, we got up for an even better (slightly) breakfast at the Screen Door, followed by a nice little shopping trip to Belmont Station‘s excellent little beer shop. Then we headed out for a treat a Mio Gelato, and spent most of the afternoon at Laurelwood Brewing (my favorite of the three breweries we visited), where we met with Sam again for a little while. As we later found out, I left my leather jacket and my camera there when we headed to Toro Bravo for tapas (where we ended up waiting about an hour to be seated, which is OK, because we hung out at the Secret Society for expensive fancy drinks). Luckily, we had no trouble retrieving said jacket and camera. Here’s our pictures for Sunday.

That is way more excitement than we usually have in one weekend.

Now we’ve gone ahead and put a deposit down to go on a one week cruise to Alaska with some friends, which will probably also be quite a bit more excitement than the level to which we’ve become accustomed. But I’m looking forward to it.

Both my brothers have just had their birthdays for the year. Mom very recently got her iPod to actually be an iPod rather than a pretty iPod-shaped decoration after the customary trials and tribulations (with which we are all quite dis-enamored). But not a lot else is going on these days…

…except for food. Gosh I love KrisDi’s cooking! Here’s a beautiful gallery, including the impromptu turkey she made the night before we went to Portland!

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