Month: March 2010

Random Thoughts, Gifts, and Hard Work

I turned 29. Disappointingly, I still have hair, so I’ll need another haircut soon. I got a sweet DMM and (I love this) my dearest little brother got me a Swiss Army knife…to replace the one he stole more than 15 years ago…in elementary school…and got taken away by the principal. This knife is quantifiably nicer than the original. Here are pictures of the knife and the DMM. I also got some beer (I’m drinking one right now — Pike Double IPA, which is pretty darn nice).

A couple weeks ago, after we got the truck, I bought about 20 concrete blocks at Lowe’s and a ton or two of gravel from a local topsoil place to level out around the corner of our house. That was the extent of the original project. Since then, dearest wife has…identified further improvements in the same area. So, the scope of the project has crept noticeably skyward. We have now bought at least 50 of these 65 pound concrete blocks, 96 ~25 pound concrete blocks, over two cubic yards of gravel (which comes out to well over three tons), three cubic yards of moderately wet cheap soil mix (for approximately three more tons), and another cubic yard of higher quality soil mix for about another 3/4 ton. That’s about 9.5 tons of crap. KrisDi has been substituting hauling shit around for her daily exercise, and I’ve actually been getting exercise from hauling this shit around.

I’ll put up pictures of the finished product and the steps in between once it’s all over, hopefully in about a week (somewhat depending on weather and spare time).

Additionally, I’m on the strangers’ side on the “noisy kids in the airport” issue. I don’t care if it’s completely normal for kids to scream and make noise. I still don’t want to be miles above ground trapped in a metal tube with them screaming and making noise. Put a muzzle on ’em. Or sedate them. Or put them in the cargo hold. Or something. I’m flying to Japan next weekend, so a lack of noisy things is already on my mind.


Random thought:

I only hear the word “abject” as a modifier to three words: Poverty, terror, and liar. These are all good combinations, but it seems like such a wonderful word should be used more often.


Random thought:

It’s interesting how the English language can be interpreted (or misinterpreted) in so many ways. For instance:

Dear strangers,

Your “Baby on board” sign does not decrease my desire to ram your vehicle.


This seems to indicate that I have a desire to ram others’ vehicles, and that desire is not mitigated by their subtle hint that there is a delicate child aboard. However, the truth is that I already have a strong desire to not ram anyone’s vehicle, and the presence (or absence) of a delicate child is immaterial. Or, my already less-than-zero desire to hit other vehicles cannot be reduced based on vehicle occupancy.

I don’t know, for some reason those signs just annoy me.

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Weird Dreams

Last night (night of 15 March):
I dreamed I was eating concrete, the loose crumbly kind, served in little gray brownie shaped and sized squares. I was sitting in the back of a small truck reading the New Testament. This was a very interesting New Testament. It included such interesting verbiage as “fuck off” and talked a lot about heroin and cocaine, and seemed to be set in the ‘80s.

I wasn’t even slightly concerned about my teeth, but by the time I was uncomfortably full of cement, I was starting to be worried about my digestive tract. I had a very clear concern about the concrete hardening into a big ball in my stomach, and thought, “Well, if that happens, they can cut me open and remove a stomach-shaped chunk of concrete.”

At that point, I realized I needed to go to the bathroom to release the cement brownies. I was apparently hanging around in a bad part of some San Diego shaped town with people that I knew – I knew them in the dream, but they weren’t people that I actually know. Two of them, a man and a young-ish woman, were business partners. They ran a strip club together, but the guy was the main owner. The young woman was delivering the bad news that four or five of their strippers were pregnant, and most of the rest of them had some other medical problem that would prevent them from working. The young woman was saying she wanted to get out of their business agreement, because it didn’t seem to be going very well. The guy said something like, “Well, I could just quit instead.” For some reason, they both seemed to think this would solve all their problems.

I turned to the other person there, an older-ish woman, to ask where I could find a bathroom. She started taking me through a very run-down building toward the back, telling me not to drink the water, and explained that there was a big bass that would go swim in the ocean, and then come and stay in the pool for a while. This was somehow an example of how bad their water was. I was puzzled about this in the dream, but did not comment.

Eventually, we got all the way through to where the bathrooms were, and I got the distinct impression that it was a casino bathroom. The old lady came in with me, for some reason, and felt the need to go stall by stall to pick me a seat. Most of the stalls were occupied; two were empty. One of the empty ones was spraying water, leaving only one feasible option. And then I woke up.

Last Friday night (night of 12 March):
I had two dreams (or, one dream with a very precipitous segue between two very unrelated halves). In the first one, KrisDi and I were living in our current house with our current yard in a very different neighborhood. All the neighboring houses were quite large. They were older, but in fairly good shape, with huge, hideous yards – almost no grass, mostly weeds and open dirt and dumped concrete and piles of rocks, including lignite.

I decided that my side yard project would be most easily completed by filling it with lignite from one of the neighbor’s piles. I’m not clear on whether or not I had permission, or if I was just assuming I could take it, or if I was knowingly stealing it. So, I carried large chunks of coal into our yard and broke them up with a hammer until I had a big, chokingly dusty black mess in my side yard. Dust was billowing out through the fence, which was annoying the immediate neighbor (even though we don’t have an immediate neighbor on that side of the house).

That’s when I started to worry about the wisdom of using lignite as a filler material. I had still planned on putting topsoil on top of it and putting grass on that, and I started imagining the underground coal burning and turning into scoria (as opposed to scoria) and other unpleasant happenings.

And then we segued into the second dream, in which KrisDi and I were in the back of a van with her parents driving us to the hospital, because she was about to have a baby. Keep in mind I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ no babies.

Anyway, it was taking us quite some time to get to the hospital, and KrisDi seemed fairly far along to me. She kept reporting how dilated she was by measuring with a tape measure. And then I woke up. I didn’t sleep very well that night.

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I don’t think we really did much last month, besides eat. And drink, but that’s another thing.

Of course, we went to E-Dubs’ for the Super Bowl (pictures), but that was mostly about food (for me, anyway). KrisDi made her pizza, which wowed a Chicagoan co-worker so much that the co-worker disavowed all Chicago pizza restaurants and proclaimed KrisDi’s pizza the greatest that she has ever tasted. High praise, I suppose. It was her best yet — I think she’s mastered it, aside from a little extra burny-ness on the crust.

We also had Valentine’s Day (pictures), which is about making lasagna together (oh god it’s so delicious — I love lasagna).

And we bought a truck. I wanted a spare vehicle for a number of reasons (mostly paranoia), and it’s hard to bring materials home in a Saturn, and we found a pretty good deal on a pretty nice truck (2007 with 20k miles, even if it has no options besides a/c). Yesterday I started bringing home big heavy cement blocks to build a wall to improve a little section of our yard that displeases me. Eventually I’ll also carry gravel to fill in behind the wall, and dirt on top of that, and so on and so forth. Pictures. Someone has already egged it, which took off a little paint.

KrisDi cooked her little heart out. Here’s a whole bunch of pictures — my favorite is Grandma’s tasting of the blue velvet cupcakes KrisDi decided to make. Oh, we got to grill the other day, too — hooray for non-Midwestern winters!

Apparently, only two people still read this. Hi there! Enjoy the food pictures!

Oh yeah, and I would be interested in an explanation of this strange phenomenon.

And another strange thing: I got to evict a two foot long garden snake from KrisDi’s shoe yesterday. It was in the garage. Luckily, KrisDi doesn’t wear those shoes often, and luckily, the silly thing was poking its head out when I came home from work. I don’t think KrisDi would have enjoyed that at all.

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