Month: May 2010

One Year

We’ve been married for a year. That wasn’t so hard.

Go us!

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Back in the OK

We’ve been busy since I got back from Japan. The weekend after, we went to Seattle Public Library’s yearly sale with the Popes, moved P-Dubs from his collapsing apartment building (again with the Popes, bless those kind, foolish folks) and we went to see Conan O’Brien‘s “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television” tour, which was a lot of fun. We saw Conan wearing tight purple leather pants. This wasn’t the high point of the evening, but it was funny nonetheless.

KrisDi had a business trip out to OKC, scheduled to fly Monday April 26th and return the following Wednesday. I talked her into flying the Saturday before so I could go with her, and visit my OK peeps. It was the first time I’ve been back since I left in 2003. After I got all excited and we booked a hotel and tickets and a car, I thought about it, and realized there was nothing in OK I particularly missed, except my friends.

When we got there, I dragged KrisDi to a Chick-Fil-A (I just love their waffle fries) before checking into the hotel, where we met up with D. Phoenix and KittiKyle for a while. Afterward, we headed up to OKC proper to visit Ska Yo Yo and Tufty (plus meet their two lovely chilluns [elder and younger] and see their lovely new home). Then we went out for drinks at the 51st Street Speakeasy, where Phoenix and KittiKyle caught up with us again. We sat around and drank and chatted late into the night. I really enjoyed it. However, apparently Yo Yo suffered mightily for it the next day.

We had Waffle House for breakfast, and then wandered around Norman for a while. A little later in the morning, we went to Phoenix and KittiKyle’s lovely home, and then toured OU some more (including the opera house), before mini golf (I’m the champion!) and then going out for drinks and pizza at the Library.

Shortly after that, Yo Yo, Tufty, and the fam met us at a BJ’s, where their oldest kid apparently decided she liked me. A few days later, she named a rooster “Chuggy” after me. Chuggy is the name Tufty gave my somewhat expansive stomach some short while before I moved out of their house. We liked the name “Chuckie”, but thought it sounded too sharp-edged, so we softened it to “Chuggy”. Of course, that’s what Yo Yo and Tufty have taught her to call me.

Later, we went back to Phoenix’s and played the bourbon game as well as the Game of Life. The following Monday, we had time to go out to lunch with Phoenix and KittiKyle once more (this time at Van’s Pig Stand). Then we were on our own. I made KrisDi take me to Tapwerks, where they have a lot of beer but don’t know anything about their beer.

So that was a great trip. I miss my peeps. Very short. Not my peeps (they’re rather tall), but the trip.

We also had a hastily planned camping trip to Rainbow Falls, west of Chehalis. Tim & Aquanetta got hold of us on Thursday, we left Saturday morning. Rainbow Falls probably would have been a lot cooler, but the bridges across the river apparently washed out (I would guess during a large flood in 2007, since they had pictures up of the flood). But, we made do by drinking plenty of beer, eating lots, burning much wood, and melting some of our empty beer bottles in the fire. The river itself is pretty, and we did take some pictures of that. But mostly the pictures are just of the campground. Day 1 and Day 2.

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