Month: June 2010


Lots, lots, lots, and lots of pictures, and (maybe) a lesser number of words. And some videos.

So, the Phoenices flew in on a Wednesday and got in quite late. Thursday, we took them to Snoqualmie Falls for their touristy-ness, and that was about it. Friday, we started to take them around Seattle for further touristy-ness, and gave up for two reasons: Weather was all Seattley, and I promised a tasty beer experience at home. Pictures.

Saturday was the first day of our cruise. Nothing terribly exciting happened, except that we got on the cruise. We did still take some pictures.

Second day of the cruise was an all-underway day, so we didn’t really do anything interesting then, either, except we had a formal night. And, of course, a small number of pictures. Oh, and a video of Mrs. Phoenix shaking a martini.

The next day was our first stop, Juneau. We took a nine mile bike ride and looked at the Mendenhall Glacier a lot. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day. Pictures, and a couple videos:
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

Skagway the next day, where we took an interesting 20 minute helicopter ride out to walk around on top of a glacier. We saw crevasses and moulins, and we took many pictures, and many videos (but I’m only uploading a couple):
Guide throwing a rock into a moulin.
Water melting on the glacier.
Lighthouse we passed later that night.

The next stop did not include a port. Instead, we floated around Glacier Bay, saw many glaciers, many icebergs, many bald eagles, many waterfalls, a few orcas, and took tons of pictures. Here’s a video of a whale.

We then went to Ketchikan, where we snorkeled on a not-so-beautiful day. KrisDi and I had bought a plastic bag designed to allow regular cameras to be used underwater, and used it with some amount of success. On the way out, the ride was a little rough. This is what the pool looked like.

On the way back, we had a very short stop in Victoria. KrisDi and I basically were only interested in drinking Caffrey’s. We did take a few pictures.

First day back in Seattle, last day in Seattle for the Phoenices, we did some make-up touristy-ness. Pictures.

So, by now you may have skimmed over approximately a tenth of the pictures I posted. Hope you found some of the good ones.

The cruise was fun. It was more fun because we went with our friends. Everything on the ship is extremely convenient, and generally not so bad. The shows are convenient (you have several to choose from, you don’t need to get tickets, you don’t need to drive anywhere or park) and they’re entertaining, but they’re not top notch. Food is abundant, available 24 hours a day, generally hassle free, and generally pretty good, although none of it blew me away (except maybe the seared tuna, that was terrific). The stops were cool (I mean seriously, when will I even go to Skagway or Ketchikan again?), although they were all too short. I had a good time. I’d do it again. And now I’ve been back for a while, and I’ve been all kinds of busy. More posts to catch up later, when I get to it.

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