Month: August 2010

More catch up (and my hand)

Lots of photos and short blurby stories, very little actual content. Took me long enough to prepare the pictures, so I don’t want to spend much time writing. However, while KrisDi’s been out all afternoon at Pixel Chick’s bachelorette party, I’ve been bumming around the house drinking beer and watching the White Sox double header (although the first game was very disappointing).

So…we’ll be going more than a month back in time. Remember that fence I was building so we could put a shed behind it? It’s basically done (there’s still some polishing to do), but these are the most recent pics I have. Of course, I haven’t gotten anything else done since I nearly cut off one of my fingers.

Quick little interesting thing: My wife somehow managed to get blood on the ceiling. I was not involved. KrisDi didn’t even notice until I noticed. Picture this: KrisDi and I are talking in the kitchen. I stop talking mid-sentence and stare slack-jawed at the ceiling, and then ask, “Is that blood?” (this may be somewhat of a dramatization — it was more than a month ago).

More camping, this time at Pennrose Point. Lots of pictures. My favorites include: P-Dubs’ walking stick. And KrisDi’s “jucy lucyburgers.

I bought a new desk on Craigslist — grownup furniture to replace this, which was given to me by a 16 year old ten years ago.

We went to a Tacoma Rainiers triple-A minor league baseball game with some friends, which had a surprisingly nice twilight skyline, and was surprisingly busy.

KrisDi bought me “get well” flowers for my hand.

Eating ribs one-handed is challenging.

Our Thai chili pepper plant produced a lone, ridiculously tiny pepper.

Our friend, former co-worker, and former roommate Lethargic Oleo (or is it Manic Oleo?) came to visit us with his girlfriend, V. We went to Vancouver. Driving in Vancouver is hell. Some parts of Vancouver are horrible. Oleo got shat on by a bird. Here are our pictures.

Last, possibly least, I have several days worth of updated pictures of my hand. At this point, the stitches have been removed and steri-strips were installed; the steri-strips came off; I’m now leaving it unbandaged. My thumb feels relatively normal. I can flex it with only a pulling sensation. However, if I try to hook my thumb on anything (or hook anything on my thumb), this is unpleasant.

I discovered today that I have a feathery little thread sticking straight out of the wound in my forefinger. It’s very short, so it’s very hard to grab; I managed to get a good grip on it once, but pulling on it only produced an aching sensation. I’m guessing this is a little tail from one of the interior stitches (holding my fat layer together), and whatever’s going on inside my finger is not ready to let go of it yet. Here’s a picture. It’s hard to see — it’s the light purple colored thing.

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Oh my god!

That’s what I shouted in one of the following situations:
1. As the knife exited the avocado and entered my hand
2. As the knife exited my hand
3. After the knife exited my hand, as I jumped up bleeding and panicking

As far as I could tell, all three of those things happened at once. KrisDi and I learned that the nearest Urgent Care place is permanently closed; the second nearest was open, and luckily they took my barefooted bloodiness as an indication that my situation was actually urgent. As one of the front desk nurses told me today when I was there for a follow up, “I remember no shoes, and the blood.”

So, now I have an unknown number of stitches in the fat layer at the base of my left index finger, eight stitches in the skin, and six more stitches on the inside of my left thumb. I also have basically no feeling on the outside of my left index finger, very limited feeling on the top, bottom, and tip, plus a moderately sized numb spot on the thumb. And a deep, sincere sense of shame for being stupid enough to let this happen…again.

Pictures (some are bloody! warning!)

My typing is now seriously retarded (in the sense of slowed down). The doctor told me today I could remove the bulky bandaging and just use large band-aids, which leaves me with the temptation to poke the keyboard with my motionless index finger. This usually hits the right letter, but occasionally stabs me with surprising pain. “pyuikx” are the difficult letters using Dvorak.

So, the funny thing is I was making guacamole for a barbecue, and when I diced myself, our friends were supposed to get there in about two hours. Luckily P-Dubs was on his way already (not E-Dubs, who would have probably fainted). Good BIL P-Dubs cleaned up my blood, got the ribs grilling, let everyone in, and was finishing the guacamole by the time I got back. I still had a good time. I hope everyone else did, too.

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