Month: October 2010

The Low Down on the Dilly-O

So, what’ve I been up to?

Today the roughhousing began. Li’l Chilkat kicked me in the head, and twice in the arm. That’s pretty exciting. We had another “everything’s lookin’ good!” doctor’s appointment this week.

We also have finally purchased and kept a crib after two failed attempts. We have been having absolutely shit luck ordering things from the internet lately.

Babies R Us shipped us a crib, and it came damaged. We returned it to the store, and the bumbling children who work there screwed up in magnificent ways that ended up saving us about $90. They shipped us a second crib, which was also damaged, and we returned it, too, and ordered a more expensive crib through the store (rather than through the website). We put that together today, and it’s pretty nice.

KrisDi ordered a diaper bag from Target through Amazon, and they sent the wrong one, and they’re jerking us around for the replacement. I expect the order to be canceled. We ordered a car seat through Wal-Mart, and they canceled the order (because we ordered it based on their pricing error, which would have saved us $100). KrisDi ordered a Slinky shirt so she could dress up as Juno for work yesterday, and it arrived one day too late.

Dad and Peggy came to visit last weekend, which was fun (but it was not a very long visit). I think I convinced him that there are some interesting places to sail out here, and the winters aren’t as bad as North Dakota’s. He brought a bunch of junk (yes, junk) from my childhood, a wall clock that he made years ago, a cello that my grandfather rebuilt in the ’80s, and a cradle that my grandfather built for me when I was an infant. He also brought me my ski. It was fun to see him. I went and had breakfast with him a couple times, and that’s probably the most alone time I have had with Pa in many years.

We dropped by my poor gimpy Ma’s place (Curmudgienne? Troglodytia? Fuddy Duddette?) to carry shit around for her, visit grandma, and look at beer. She assures us her house is not going to slide into the coulee while we’re visiting. I’m not sure of whether or not she actually has the power to schedule such an event.

KrisDi’s parents visited prior to that. They were touring Lake Tapps looking for every single house with a For Sale sign. For the most part, I was at work while they were here.

I started a class at a local community college, so I’m learning a little C++. Unsurprisingly, there are not many surprises for me. I know what a pointer is. I know what a structure is. So, the instructor gives us an hour to do something, I do it in ten minutes, and then I work on my self-assigned programming puzzle: A set of tools for accessing and manipulating arrays with an arbitrary number of dimensions of arbitrary size, implemented mainly using pointers. I’m nerdy.

We bought pumpkins today, and I think we’ve both decided what we want to carve. We plan to carve tomorrow.

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My site was down for a couple days, because I wasn’t checking email from my hosting service, so I didn’t see the first, second or third notification that I hadn’t paid the bill.

Mom noticed when they shut down my site. And KrisDi. And me. So, sorry to the three of us. 😛

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Chilkat in the Hat

Chilkat in the Hat

So…yeah. Nice hat, huh?

We’ve had lots of visitors. It’s been very tiring. L & D are in town right now. We drove them all over Lake Tapps yesterday so they could look at houses. My dad’s coming to visit in about two weeks. He’s supposedly bring a cradle my grandfather made, “my” waterski, and maybe some other stuff. That’s a long drive to make in a big truck.

KrisDi’s becoming more noticeably pregnant. Maybe I’ll put up some “pregnant wife” pictures soon.

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