Month: January 2011

The Alarm

I got a text today at 12:23 PM from a number I didn’t recognize. Letter for letter: “Wifes in labor right now”

You can imagine the immediate reaction. Heart pounding, mouth drying, I thought, “Must be a co-worker…wonder why KrisDi can’t call?”

No answer when I call KrisDi or the unknown number. I text back, “Where is she? Please call”. Everywhere she’s likely to be is south of where I am, so I grab my stuff and get in the car, calling both numbers a couple more times. Still no answer.

I get a couple miles down the interstate, and then I get another text: “Sorry. We are at [the hospital]. Will call when its a little less hectic”.

As I’m thinking, “Hmmm…that’s a weird thing for a co-worker to text an expecting father when his wife’s in labor”, KrisDi calls.


“Ummmm…are you in labor?”

“No. Why?” I take the next exit and go back to work.

A couple weeks ago, we met some people at a birthing class at the hospital. They’re due a few days before we are; we exchanged phone numbers. It would have been really nice if he had said “My wifes in labor right now”, but I gotta admit, it’s a pretty funny false alarm story.

I hope things go well for them.

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Thanks, Pa

I was talking with Pa on Skype today, and we got to “reminiscing” about how he used to keep the thermostat at 65 degrees.

“But we kept the coal fire burning!”

This coal furnace was fueled on the suffering of his children. I’m about 65% convinced that Dad bred us to haul coal for him. I won’t go into the general horrors of depending on hand-fetched fossil fuels for warmth, because I have one specific thing I wanted to talk about.

When I was 17 — AFTER I had moved away to college — I came home for Thanksgiving. Eldest had already moved away, so Dad took this valuable opportunity to have two warm bodies help him haul coal. As I recall, I had just recently gotten off of crutches after my second knee surgery.

Northwood and I knew from experience that loading and unloading goes faster if you take the largest chunks of coal available, so the two of us grabbed onto a pretty hefty chunk, lifted it up, over the edge of the truckbed, and then my right handhold crumbled away (damn you, crappy lignite!). My left glove got caught on the edge of the coal, and it was way too heavy to hold up one-handed. Northwood’s end started to rise as the weight shifted, resulting in a large chunk of coal landing in a point on the first knuckle of my left middle finger.

Of course, I screamed and swore, my vision started going all dark and tunnelly, I grabbed my hand and ripped the glove off. I bled like crazy, and I could see the whiteness of tendons and bone. Dad gave me tape and toilet paper.

My finger eventually healed crookedly. Scar tissue took the shortcut over the fold in the knuckle, meaning that my finger couldn’t straighten without ripping the skin. Twelve years later, it no longer bleeds when I straighten, but sometimes the skin still cracks and breaks. See the scar as of today. I can feel strange knots on the tendon.

Dad’s recollection of this event?

“I remember a lot of whining. I sure was glad it fell on your hand instead of my truck!”

Thanks, Pa.

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Pictures of food for last month. I’m the luckiest man alive.

Not a whole lot else to say. Got the truck wipers working again (wiper motor control board), cleaned up after Christmas today, touch-up is basically done in the nursery, KrisDi is at 35 weeks. We took a class on Birthing and Labor Relaxation (which mostly meant KrisDi got to lie on the floor while I massaged her).

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Happy New Year! It doesn’t seem the same without a debilitating feast of fleischkuechle and knoephla soup followed by egg bake, but there’s no denying the passage of time. Perhaps Wilmy will ship us their extra New Year’s food.

I tried to give Wilmy a call to wish him and his party a happy new year, but the best I could do was getting Girlandi on the phone, who was trapped at her in-laws’ farm due to the big storm. Seems likely that this storm would have reduced the party’s attendance to locals and those living or staying on the west side of the state.

We celebrated the passing of the new year at T-Bone’s place, where he had a medium sized party with a large sized bottle of beer (me and two other guys brought a 6L bottle of La Fin Du Monde). The night wound down into a Rock Band session. It was a good time. Met and chatted with new people, laughed and joked with friends, ate too much and drank a lot (but not hungover, thankfully).

2011 is going to be a big year!

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