Month: March 2011

I’m Thirty

Not that it’s a particular surprise or anything. We’ve known when it was going to happen for the last thirty years or so. Doesn’t really feel any different, except my elbows hurt more than they did when I was 29.

I’ve gone back to work, which is good and bad. KrisDi has been figuring out how to take care of Chilkat unassisted for 10 hour stretches or so, I’ve been trying to remember what my job actually is (without letting on to all my co-workers that I’ve forgotten what my job actually is). On the first day back, I was pulled in six directions simultaneously before lunch. So, a normal day.

Chilkat’s growing. Based on our home scale, she’s probably 9 pounds or a little bigger. So, pretty solid hamburger size, but definitely no worthwhile turkey. She’s become very alert, she spends surprising amounts of time awake and looking around. She fascinated by ceiling fans and by the owl mobile on her Pack-n-Play. KrisDi and I suspect she will someday marry a ceiling fan repairman who owns an owl.

She’s recently started playing a “game” — sometimes, when she’s on the verge of crying, I cover up her face with a blanket, and then uncover it. And repeat. Think of Peek-a-boo, without the theatrics. She usually stops crying, remains alert, starts to thrash, and tries to throw the blanket off of her. Every once in a while she lets out a coo. I think I’ve seen her flash a smile while awake (meaning it might be an actual smile, rather than a REM twitch).

She continues to show off her inhuman neck strength.

We took her on a play date to Outback with the family that gave me my false alarm, hoping that she’d sleep through the whole thing (which she did).

The day before my birthday, we went to Fremont so Pixel Chick, KrisDi, and Chilkat could hang out together while P Dubs, E Dubs, and I went to the Hard Liver Fest. I had a great time, but I probably would have enjoyed it even more with better than three hours of sleep to go on. That was the first visit Chilkat made to another house, and still her longest so far. First thing we had to do was deal with Catastrophic Bowel Movement Class III (defined as “large and/or forceful enough to significantly exceed diaper capacity with slight agitation, soiling parent/caretaker garments before changing sequence commences”). That was part of my birthday present. Not the BM, the barleywine. Weirdo. Incidentally, a Pack-n-Play is not the right height for me to change a kid’s diaper. I was bent over double, and my hamstrings burned when I was done. I’m old.

I remember that night, after I finally got Chilkat to sleep, I walked into the bedroom and I saw the clock read 12:01. I thought to myself, “Oh, I’m thirty. I’m going to bed.”

On my actual birthday, we packed up Chilkat and went out for a nice breakfast downtown (a place I never get to go to, because KrisDi likes to go with her family on weekdays while I’m at work).

Sleeping is still the biggest issue (at least, for me). Chilkat’s getting enough food (and it’s been 100% breastmilk for maybe four days now — go KrisDi!), and consequently going through diapers like a frat boy goes through weak beer, but also generally sleeping pretty well. She still has her moments. KrisDi’s in the tough spot of having to get up over the course of the night no matter what, but generally I try to get up and do the feedings. KrisDi’s been taking the 1-3 AM feeding on the weeknights so I can put on a slightly more convincing consciousness act at work. But, as was pointed out today, KrisDi hasn’t slept more than two hours in a row in a month.

Believe it or not, this is the cut down version of the pictures.

Professional pics from when Chilkat was 10 days old.

Mom visited, and took some pretty nice pictures (this is a mixture of hers and ours).

Pictures when we visited E Dubs and Pixel Chick.

A couple more pictures. Because she’s cute.

This morning, I woke up dreaming that I was methodically documenting the existing connections of a Navy electrical cable, before tearing it down and rebuilt it. Make of that what you will.

KrisDi, anything to add?

Oh! I almost forgot! Delicious food cooked by KrisDi in February!

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Shark Week

So, at the two week appointment, Chilkat had not gained enough weight. At birth, 8lb 2oz. The day we left the hospital, 7lb 15oz. At three days, 7lb 9oz. At 15 days, 7lb 7oz. By that time, she was supposed to be back up to birth weight. Doctor’s theory was just that Chilkat wasn’t getting enough food, so we should supplement with formula. That was Tuesday. We had another follow-up appointment today to make sure she started gaining weight with supplements. Otherwise, the doctor wanted to do thyroid and diabetes tests.

Since we started supplementing, she’s been sleeping more and better, but feeding her is like shark week. She senses food and she starts to thrash and gnash (is gnashing possible without teeth?). She latches onto anything within reach (“biting mittens” sounds like a euphemism). While she’s flailing about, latching onto whatever she happens to get close to her face, it’s really hard to get a bottle into her mouth. If you attempt to take it away before she’s done, things get ugly. However, it seems to be effective. She was 8lb 3oz today (four days from the last checkup) — 12oz gain in four days. This doesn’t sound like a whole lot, until you look at it as a percentage: 10% of body weight in four days. That would be like me gaining 21 pounds in four days. Fat babies are cute, skinny babies are creepy. Maybe I’d be cuter if I gained 21 pounds by Tuesday.

I’m also impressed with Chilkat’s…um…range. She tricks me a lot. I started changing her before she was done doing her business, and she managed to Hershey squirt about a foot and a half. Again, proportionate to heights, if I were to do the same, that would be a nearly six foot shot for me. Think fire hose. Now I’m a little more cautious around her rear end.

She’s becoming more interested in the world around her. She opens her pretty blue eyes and looks around a lot. Sometimes she follows objects rather than staring blankly. She loves to lift up her head and look around when I’m burping her. She farts like a man, and she seems to enjoy dutch ovening herself.

We’ve had “tummy time” a couple times now. As I suspected when I saw her hold her head up when she was 12 hours old, Chilkat basically kicks its ass. The first time, she started moving her little legs and strained to lift up her head, but ended up just bulldozing forward on her face before getting frustrated. It was pretty funny. The second time, she figured out how to roll over on her side. The third time, she lifted up her head several times.

She’s going to like roller coasters. One method I have for calming her down is swinging her wildly in her car seat.

She’s come to eat with us maybe six times now, and she has very cooperatively slept through each meal (except the last, which was a work luncheon for KrisDi, so she got passed around a little bit, which woke her up).

I’m still not sure I feel like a dad (although I certainly love the lumpy little bean). It kind of feels like somebody just left a baby at our house.

Unsurprisingly, I still am greatly annoyed by the sound of crying baby. I’m not perturbed by dirty diapers or spit up.

I have to go back to work on Tuesday. KrisDi and I have sort of figured out a routine that works, although it doesn’t really provide anyone but Chilkat with enough sleep. And I don’t know how that’s going to translate to me going to work early in the morning, and not being around to help KrisDi.

Here’s a bunch of pictures. I know, we’re completely caught in the “everything our daughter does is amazing” trap, but I promise, I’ll start trying to not post things that aren’t interesting to other people. Or maybe not.

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Hello again

We actually went one whole day without taking pictures of our daughter! March 2nd. Write it down.

She got a rash one day, and we called the doctor. Of course, we were told not to worry about it.

Chilkat’s umbilical cord fell out yesterday. Well, it was hanging by a gruesome, dry little thread, and we just decided to clip it. Soon, her belly button should look fairly normal. Belly buttons are weird.

The maternal grandparents arrived (separately, as befits their complicated lifestyle) and appear to have fallen in love with their first grandchild.

KrisDi hired a professional photographer, who got us all naked and took pictures of us. We’ll share the pictures when we get them; we plan to buy the “digital negatives” rather than having photos printed.

Night before last was awesome! Chilkat fell asleep immediately after each of her feedings, and slept until the next feeding. Last night was almost as good, but not quite. Hopefully it’ll settle into a nice pattern of mostly sleeping at night.

Some pictures:

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