Month: June 2011

Further Leaping and Bounding

Actually, most of the changes lately have been fairly incremental. But I’m way behind. She’s four months old.

My daughter continues to be supercute. She draws more attention than I’ve ever received in my conscious life. We are often stopped by strangers who cannot prevent themselves from assailing her with compliments. Occasionally we hear compliments whispered once we pass and are thought to be out of earshot. For example, from a cashier as we were leaving a Safeway, “Oh my God, that is seriously the cutest baby I’ve ever seen!”

Chilkat rolls over frequently now, but still primarily in one direction. She does it in her sleep now. The first time she did it, we woke up with her on her stomach and her leg sticking out of the side of the crib.

She requires even less assistance to stand. In fact, she’ll sometimes stand with only one hand supported, and she now will (with a little parental prompting) occasionally support herself on inanimate objects for 10+ seconds at a time. Sometimes I’m hard pressed to perform that feat.

Chilkat laughed for the first time, as KrisDi mentioned, which was totally awesome. Favorite part of parenting so far. But she hasn’t been cooperative about doing it again. She’s let out a little giggle here and there, but none of that awesome laughing since.

KrisDi’s birthday has come and gone. I made her chocolate cupcakes with a failed ganache as frosting. It refused to stand up (not even as well as Chilkat). So I added butter and powdered sugar until it had the consistency of grout. I should have made her a ganache/frosting sculpture. Unfortunately, I’m artless.

We had a mini-vacation to Portland. It was a nice weekend. We ate inhuman quantities of delicious food and spent most of our non-eating time in bars or. We went to the first annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival, which was a lot of fun. We had to rearrange our tiny hotel room to make space for all our baby stuff. We spent lots of time changing Chilkat in the trunk of the car. She had lots of blowouts. We found out she likes to grab my hair (but gently), which lead to me putting her on my shoulders for the first time.

We went to the Solstice Day Parade and the Fremont Fair, always an amusing (and sometimes unnerving) show. For my first Father’s Day, we went to the Washington Brewers Festival, which was fun and inebriating. I also got shoes, a card, and tickets to Sox/Mariners in August.

We have ultra busy July coming up. Northwood will hopefully visit us the weekend of July 4th, the following weekend we have a wedding in CA, nothing planned for the following weekend and then a flight to North Dakota, a drive to South Dakota, Eldest’s wedding, and a flight back.

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A different perspective

With Father’s Day approaching, I thought that I’d step in and take the opportunity to say what a wonderful father snaotheus has been and I know he will continue to be. Sure he prefers when Chilkat is happy and playful, but he never shies away from a diapar change, cleaning spit up, or wiping snots from our daughter’s little nose. As I type this, he is upstairs trying to put our screaming daughter to bed. I know he typically gushes about me and his faithful readers never get the opportunity to hear all the great things about him; though if you read this blog, you probably already know how great a guy he truly is. He’s caring, thoughtful, generous, funny, humble….I could really go on and on. But I won’t. I will just say how lucky Chilkat and I are to have him in our lives. Chilkat actually showed her appreciation today by letting out her first full blown laughs while playing with her daddy.  His face lit up.  It’s times like these that make everything worth it and I hope to remember them forever.

We love you honey! Happy Father’s Day!  (Oh, and for those of you who may be a little slow, this is krisdi, not snaotheus posting about how wonderful he is).

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Chilkat gave us the first gift she’s gotten without any help from her parents: Our first day care cold. I’m still coughing up phlegm. Luckily, Chilkat and KrisDi are made of sturdier stuff than I.

Mom visited us on Saturday and made us wonderful Ethiopian food for dinner (by the way, we added more of the spice to it and it balanced out the peanut butteriness nicely). We just had the last of it for lunch today.

Sunday we visited T-Bone and Aquanetta for T-Bone’s 35th birthday. We were pretty tame, considering we were under the weather (thanks, Chilkat).

Monday we went downtown for breakfast with P-Dubs, went to eat at Taste of Chicago only to find that it was closed. I ended up having some quite tasty lamb shawarma at the Shawarma King.

Chilkat continues to demand to stand. She’s getting quite good at the pull up game. She’s now easily strong enough to grip my fingers and be pulled into a standing position rather than me gripping her hands to pull her into a standing position. Plus, sometimes I only have to pull her into a sitting position and then she’ll push herself up into a standing position. Her balance is better and she start pulling and pushing on my fingers to try to stay stable longer. So the other day I decided to challenge her. I set up a folding step-up ladder in the middle of the living room, positioned her in a standing position next to it, and placed her hands on two of the bars and let go. She wobbled, she leaned her head against the ladder thing, and she stayed up on her own for 10-12 seconds. I don’t know how impressed I should be, but I’m pretty darn impressed. We tried the trick again yesterday with a video camera on. Gravity immediately won that battle.

She now has g and h in her arsenal, and it seems like she concentrates more on using them until she gets distracted by the propensity for a prolonged ‘b’ to generate spit bubbles — which, incidentally, make a remarkably good projectile when launched by a sneeze.

KrisDi says she saw Chilkat roll over on the day we went to the aquarium (front to back). She rolled over from back to front a couple times last Wednesday, and then a whole bunch since then — mostly from back to front, and almost exclusively on the left side. I’m told (by KrisDi) this is a little odd, because normally babies go front to back more often.

Aside from all that, Lake Sakakawea is full. Consequently, they’re letting out buttloads of water from the Garrison Dam right now, and increasing that to a 50% larger buttload by the end of next week. Dad’s house is (in theory) protected by levees built by the National Guard, the county, and his whole neighborhood. Cross your fingers. And send condolences to people who don’t even have the hope of protection by government sponsored emergency levee building. The Missouri River is extra wet this year.


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