Month: August 2011

Increasingly Fine Motor Skills

Chilkat is a week away from six months old. She sits well, she likes to compute, she’s very interested in drinking water from a cup, she’s a little ticklish, she has learned that she can make funny noises when I jiggle her, she’s able to pull herself to her knees in her pack and play and then nearly launches herself out of it. Today, she tried very hard to pull herself from a sitting position to a standing position (using the bottom dresser drawer), got about halfway, and then she got frustrated. I’m surprised she’s not crawling yet. She can get herself onto all fours, but she tries to launch everything forward at once rather than taking little steps. She can stand with very little support for quite a while.

I noticed today that baby heads are proportionately larger than adult heads. I noticed this because when Chilkat puts her hands up, her wrists are at the top of her head. When I put my hands up, my elbows (or thereabouts) are at the top of my head. But then, I do have long monkey arms.

BOD week at work is over. My hour-long presentation was successfully one hour long. I was scheduled to give a four day training course to a bunch of US sales and support people, but now it’ll be five days and include all of North and South America — maybe 20 people or so. That’s a lot of poopy slides to author. I may also be going to Shanghai to train sales and support people there.

We got a new car. Trent is a 2011 GMC Terrain. Oscar the Alero will be going back to Chicago with Les and D soon. It is so easy to put a car seat into Trent’s back seat.

Speaking of Les and D, they came in to visit last Friday and it sounds like they’re departing tomorrow. They watched Chilkat all week (2 caretakers to 1 caretakee, versus 1 caretaker to 4 caretakees, plus it saved us money on day care). We all went to the zoo last weekend, they went blueberry picking on Friday. KrisDi has now made a blueberry cake and blueberry muffins, and we’re looking at blueberry pancakes or waffles for breakfast tomorrow. D and KrisDi even got me three bottles of Pliny the Elder, much to my surprise and delight.

I replaced a power supply in the media computer after it failed miserably. Not that it’s particularly exciting, but that’s the sort of thing that sticks in my head.

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Nothing to see here. Except for pictures of food from July. Move along.

Real post coming……eventually.

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