Month: October 2011

Drunk on Baby Kisses

Chilkat suddenly decided to start being affectionate to her father. Which is pretty awesome. She has this cute and effective method of kissing: Open mouth, press against target’s face. Continue until affection has been expressed (usually this is indicated by significant runnels of drool). It’s charming.

She’s a very accomplished crawler. Today she learned the letter F and she taught herself to go up stairs. KrisDi caught her on the second step. So, that’s fun. She stands against things whenever she wants, and is starting to be pretty stable. She is convinced that she knows how to get down off the couch: Head first (KrisDi is trying to convince her that feet first is a viable option). She loves to be swung in a blanket. She also enjoys being body slammed. She dances a bit, wiggling her butt around wildly. She continues to chew on everything, especially furniture and electronics. Sometimes she’ll carry her sock around in her mouth. She found her tongue two Wednesdays ago in the afternoon at day care and promptly started twisting and contorting it crazily, and the next day she started rolling R’s. Then she started making “la la la” sounds by merely adding vocals to her tongue calisthenics.

She now seems to say Mama and Dada (and Up) at meaningful times. She also will occasionally mimic us, and has started clapping and high fiving (without great accuracy, I’ll admit). She’s a total narcissist…she’s been trying to make out with herself in the mirror lately.

Sunday, she invented a walker out of a cardboard box that she knocked onto the floor. She was just scooting around the floor.

We’ve started giving her food off our plates as appropriate: French fries, Cajun french fries (with some of the Cajun licked off), pho noodles (she loved them, and quickly learned to slurp them), saffron rice, steamed rice at dim sum, a little pasta. We even gave her a little taste of 5 star (out of 4) curry. It was pretty hilarious to see her eyes get all big, and then her mouth open slowly, and then yell “aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!” I can’t really describe it the right way in text. The description sounds like she was tortured, but she didn’t cry about it or anything, and she went back for a second taste. She just seemed surprised. I wish we had a video.

On Sunday, KrisDi misplaced her camera, which is sad because she really liked that one. Luckily we had just cleaned out the memory, so we lost only a few pictures from the day of. Today, we successfully watched two movies on completely opposite ends of the spectrum: American Gangster and Toy Story 3. Now we’re watching the second episode of Mad Men.

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Greetings, from parenthood

So what’s new?

Chilkat’s a fairly accomplished crawler. She’s not fast, but she moves (much like The Beast). She likes french fries. She didn’t like pumpkin very much until curry was added. She likes pulling DVDs off shelves. She makes a particular face when she’s up to mischief. She has mostly figured out “high five”. She’s very good at pulling herself into a standing position (we did some work in the direction of baby-safing the living room today). She loves being the center of attention — when KrisDi took her to church this morning, she was staring around at all the people until someone looked at her, and then she would beam back at them. She likes cinnamon. She likes mint leaves. She likes basil, too. Last couple days she’s been sleeping a LOT.

Aside from that…we’re new parents. We don’t really have anything else going on. We had a nice dinner at E and Pixel Chick’s. We went to visit some other friends who recently had a baby and provided them with dinner. Chilkat was interested in their cats, and stole the poor kid’s socks. Very strangely, it turns out that this new father is the Pope’s neighbor’s office neighbor.

Anyway, here’s some pictures.

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Negligent Parenting

Last night, we had a weird schedule and ended up having a very late dinner that delayed Chilkat’s meal, too. So she was cranky. We let her play with a spoon like we normally do. She chewed on it and threw it like she normally does. She ended up with a red smear on her shirt we couldn’t explain.

This morning, she was biting KrisDi during her meal, which is abnormal and upsetting to everyone involved.

When KrisDi handed her to me for a time out, I noticed gigantic gashes in the roof of her mouth and we were immediately filled with concern and remembered the previous night’s upset behavior, spoon-mouth violence, and unexplained red smear.

We decided there was nothing we could really do, and it didn’t seem to be bothering her very much. When KrisDi tried feeding her again, more biting…and then KrisDi decided it looked like there was something in her mouth.

It was a chunk of paperboard from the coaster she had attempted to devour after snatching it from the coffee table this morning. No gashes. After removal, she ate fine.

That is all.

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Kinetic Kraziness

Not a lot to say here. I’ll real update soon, including last month’s food. For now, I just wanted to share the pictures and some of the videos we took yesterday at the 2011 Port Townsend Kinetic Sculpture Race. This is apparently the 29th annual such “race”, which is really a showcase of crackpot engineering. Which is awesome.

The challenge: Create an entirely human-powered mechanism to travel six miles (altogether) of land, sea, sand, and mud.

My coworker the mad viking created a monster named Beauties and the Beast, powered by his wife and a friend, working 20-24 hours a weekend all summer long under the agreement, “If you build it, I’ll pedal it.” It might be the coolest homemade contraption I have EVER SEEN.

It was not fast. It was, however, inexorable. Nothing could slow it down, because slowing it down would mean stopping it, which appears to be impossible. Components include two Geo Metro front ends. I was told it weighs 1500 pounds, and has a top speed of 2.1 mph on land (it might be faster in the water).

Many pictures here. A few videos below.

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