Month: November 2011

Nearly Nine Months Now

KrisDi taught me the difference between consonance and assonance, and that alliteration is a special case.

Halloween came and went. Chilkat was a zebra at day care until she filled her costume with shit. We washed it when she came home and made her wear it again later. We also put her in the Bender costume Mom provided. She’s more mobile, she loves jumping on the couches, and sometimes she’ll sit. She’s interested in books.

We replaced KrisDi’s Canon SD1200IS with a Canon EOS 50D. This is a little like having your Chevy Malibu stolen and replacing it with a Mercedes. We don’t have a damn clue what we’re doing with it, but we’re having fun. It takes nice pictures. We got it used on Ebay.

We visited Mom for her birthday. It was nice.

Since Chilkat figured out how to go up stairs unassisted, we found her halfway up when we weren’t paying close enough attention. Now I understand the “We turned away for an instant!” phenomenon. Now we also have a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs.

She’s talking more with a wider variety of consonants and vowels. She has much better balance. We’ve seen her stand unassisted and go from that position to a sitting position in a controlled manner. She grew her third tooth — not one of the top front teeth, as convention would lead to to believe, but one to the right of those, which is a little odd. She loves persimmons. She does not like potatoes (except French fries).

I gave a one week training course last week on the new version of our software to fourteen sales/support/application engineers last week. It was fun, interesting, and exhausting. They generally like what we’re giving them. I’m getting a promotion. I’ll be Senior System Engineer shortly. I’ll be going to Souzhou, China for a week to give a different group of people the same training.

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