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We actually don’t have any plans this weekend. That’s kind of nice. KrisDi was trapped in the house Tuesday through Friday afternoon. Her work was closed Wednesday, late start with work-from-home and mandatory no-more-work at noon on Thursday, regular work-from-home on Friday with a four hour late start. Me? I worked from home Wednesday, had two hour late starts Wednesday-Friday. Why? A few inches of snow. Catastrophic…for these pussies.

Of course, I’m being melodramatic. I love to talk shit about Seattle drivers and snow, but there remains one blatant fact: Here there are hills. Unfortunately, here there are also fearful, inexperienced, frankly incompetent drivers. Or, as I refer to them, “obstacles” and “hazards”.

The snow started Tuesday night. Then we got some pretty serious icy rain. Then we got a little more snow. Then it all melted into slush. It’s basically gone now. Our power was out for about twenty minutes the other day, it has flashed a number of times. Cable (and therefore internet) was out for about 12 hours on Wednesday. It was horrible.

The ice was thick and heavy enough that we could just sit and listen to branches breaking and falling under the weight. I went for a 30 minute walk through our greenbelt, and actually saw two significant branch collapses, and heard another six or eight. We heard two thunderous crashes from our couches, but never figured out exactly where they came from. I wonder where birds and squirrels hide in this kind of weather. When it warmed up, ice and twigs and branches were showering our back yard, enough that KrisDi was scared to go outside.

Chilkat turned 11 months old yesterday. She started walking again yesterday, too. She’s getting good at waving and saying good bye, she’ll hug and kiss us (and stuffed animals and inanimate objects) incredibly cutely, and sometimes she’ll blow kisses. She likes to wave good bye when KrisDi’s carrying her up the stairs, and sometimes she’ll kiss the banister when I’m trying to get her to blow me a kiss. It’s interesting to see her learn specific things. Like:

  1. One step per stair. Even if the stairs come up to your chest (her gigantic strides are hilarious).
  2. No double dipping. Take a chip out of the bag, dip it in the guacamole, eat the guacamole, put the chip on your plate, and get a new chip out of the bag.
  3. Wash your blackberries before you eat them, one at a time.
  4. Say “ahhhh” after you have a drink of water.
  5. Dental hygiene is very important. Don’t worry about which end of the toothbrush you use.
  6. Wave hello and good bye to everyone, even if they can’t see you.
  7. She knows how to work an iPhone. If you press the button, a really cute picture of you comes up.

She’s interested in stacking things, putting things inside of things, putting the lids on things (although sometimes she’s doesn’t get them right side up), opening and closing things. Hats are still hilarious, and she knows what my hat is — she grabbed it and brought it to me when I asked her to. She always seems like she’s trying to figure things out, based on the way she shuts up and stares at new or unfamiliar things. She’s enjoying her new-found ability to communicate, telling KrisDi when she wants to nurse (probably quite a bit more often than she really wants to, but it’s so gratifying to make Mom do what you want).

She’s fake crying now. She’ll put her head down and make totally fake sobbing noises, and she’ll laugh as soon as you call her on it. She probably picked that up from KrisDi, who fake cries to try and teach Chilkat that certain things (like face-clawing, slapping, or clubbing) hurt.

She suddenly has a greatly increased appetite for solids. Sunday, she ate half a piece of pizza. She can eat a whole pierogi or half a banana pretty easily. She likes raw onions more than most apples (Granny Smith are the exception), and she likes onions pickled with jalapenos. Speaking of which, KrisDi pickled some jalapenos, onions, and carrots.



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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

Since the 22nd of December last year? First post of 2012!

Chilkat remains a very mobile baby. She still demands that we walk her around on our fingers, although she can walk now. We have a video of her doing it — essentially, Christmas day was the first time. She’d taken isolated steps prior, but on Christmas day, she took up to ten steps at a time about a dozen different times. And then she decided she didn’t want to do it any more, so she hasn’t really done it since then. Yesterday, the false alarm family came to visit. Their daughter, M, who is three weeks older than Chilkat, walks pretty well, and nearly inspired Chilkat to follow along behind her.

She has pretty good dexterity. She likes turning lights on and off. She can throw things. She “steers” us when we’re holding her. She’ll point in the direction of where she wants to go. She kind of knows her way around the house. She knows she can reach the power button on the TV in the guest room, so she likes to go in there. She knows that if I’m upstairs with her, KrisDi is usually in the bathroom, so she’ll go look there. She loves the half bath downstairs and will steer us there (or walk us there) quite frequently.

She’s communicating better and better — she says “all done” and tugs on her bib when she’s done eating. She also babbles way more with a greater variety of noises. She seems to understand that “ow” is associated with bumping your head, and “uh oh” is associated with dropping things on the floor where she can’t reach it. She seems to get the waving goodbye idea. In fact, when the false alarm family was leaving after a visit one day, she waved and said “Bye!” Which was adorable, and we all stopped and were waving and laughing and saying “Bye!” and whatnot…and then Chilkat pointed at the door and yelled “Out!”

She likes raw onions, but not apples. Obviously my daughter, right?  Right now she’s eating an entire piece of bread. I think she’s trying to jam the whole thing in at once. Sometimes she likes to make her food dance.

We had a nice family holiday thing on Christmas Eve. P Dubs, E Dubs and Pixel Chick, Les and D, and Mom came down for Polish dinner and present exchange. Chilkat, as you might guess, got a buttload of toys (like a walker thing and a circus tent) and clothes. I got some clothes, some tools, some whiskey stones. KrisDi got some earrings, a necklace, and a mini double dip crock pot. We got a couple light scoops and a fancy flash for our camera. We also got several Baby’s First Christmas ornaments and Chilkat coffee mugs. Pretty good haul, overall.

Christmas was mild, except for the exciting walking experience described above. We lounged around and ate leftovers and watched a little football. The rest of the break was pretty similar, really.

New Year’s Eve, we went to Dr. K’s place. Chilkat stayed up late. Our parentalness was snootily disdained by someone who thought it was inappropriate for a baby Chilkat’s age to be up that late (Guess what! She frequently keeps us up that late!). We brought a ridiculous plethora of desserts, including toffee, peanut butter cup cookies, caramel pecan apple cheesecake pie, and Mom’s caramel (which is ridiculously good), plus a bunch of beer. It was fun.

New Year’s Day was of course exhausted. Plus, Chilkat took a faceplant into the coffee table, resulting in her first genuine self-inflicted injury (which traumatized KrisDi far more than it traumatized Chilkat). Since then, she’s been staying up late, might have a cold, might have an ear infection. No fever last night, though, which is nice.

We’ve gone back to work and day care (as appropriate). Chilkat’s nearing one year of age, of course, which means moving to the next room at day care. KrisDi and I are doing our “smaller portions and fewer desserts” diet again, and suffering through the “portions that are much smaller than appetites” phase.



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