Mar 172012

I’m tired and grumpy and uninspired. At least I’m not hungry any more.

Happy Saint Patrick’s day. I spent the day moving E Dubs and Pixel Chick into their new house in Gig Harbor. It’s big and nice.

My birthday was last Wednesday. I’m 31 now. It feels no different. We didn’t do much for my birthday. We went for a hibachi dinner the previous Saturday, and KrisDi made cupcakes. She also got me a Neil Gaiman graphic novel.

Chilkat is learning more and more. She will shush us now (after I tried to shush her at day care while the other kids were napping). She learned today that she enjoys chasing little dogs. She dances for particular songs, but she’s clearly borne of two white engineers — it’s mostly hand motion. Occasionally she’ll get her little butt into it. It’s awfully cute.

She was sick for about two weeks after her birthday. Pink eye, then low grade fever for about a week and a half that was semi-diagnosed as “maybe an ear infection or pneumonia or both”, got on amoxicillin, got better, finished the amoxicillin, and started coughing again. KrisDi is on antibiotics for mastitis again (although it didn’t initiate catastrophically this time). Neither of us has felt healthy in a month. I’m going to see my doctor Monday.