Month: April 2012

I can’t keep up with anything anymore

Well, today I spent a significant portion of the day cleaning vomit off of a child, disassembling and cleaning vomit off a carseat (by hand in a sink at work), drying the parts, reassembling, and reinstalling the carseat. Then I drove home. Removed the carseat, disassembled it, ran parts of it through the wash and soaked other parts in a sink, dried everything again, rereassembled, and then rereinstalled. I sincerely hope I do not have to do that again tomorrow. I have just finished consuming an assuaging blizzard. KrisDi also had one.

I haven’t posted in about three weeks, I think. In that time, Chilkat has not grown appreciably larger, but I believe her personality has. She has stronger opinions, is less easily distracted, and is more stubborn about getting her way. She frequently gets it into her head that she wants to go outside. She signals this to us by bringing us our shoes and hats, and occasionally finding KrisDi’s jacket and yanking and yelling insistently. She also tries to put her shoes on KrisDi’s feet, for some reason. KrisDi was in the kitchen the other day, and she felt a small person come up and hug her leg and start trying to lift. So she looked down and lifted up her leg. And Chilkat put a tiny little Cookie Monster shoe on her big toe. God help us when she decides she wants something out of the fridge and we don’t know what it is. She gets awfully (vocally) agitated when she’s not getting her way.

She’s more expressive. She makes some hilarious faces sometimes. She makes a good “What the hell are you talking about?” face, but it’s unpredictable. Ska Yo Yo got her to make a rock and roll sneer. While  watching hockey about a week ago, we got her to make an angry face, complete with clenched and shaking fists. She has figured out two things about that face: (1) It has something to do with being upset. (2) It cracks up her parents. Now she’ll often do it when we ask her to, and she’ll occasionally do it randomly just for laughs, and she’ll occasionally do it when she’s pissed off. Like when she’s getting a diaper change she doesn’t want. It’s a flipping riot. She’s a heck of a kisser now.

She’s growing more coordinated. She does an amazingly good job of lifting the bowl and drinking the remaining milk when she has finished a bowl of cereal. We gave her an opportunity: We set up a small camera on our tripod on the shortest setting (which is just the right height for her). She took lots of pictures, and was delighted when she got a picture of her mother. She would kiss the preview on the camera. She actually took a good picture of us, but the first picture of me was a little embarrassing (although it makes me laugh a lot).

She likes to help. She knows that when the dishwasher is open, she needs to close it. Her father is clearly incompetent. He just can’t keep that thing closed. Especially when he’s trying to do the dishes. She likes to throw trash out (but she can’t lift the lid yet). She also likes to help with the laundry (by taking clothes and putting them in the machine). KrisDi had her help make lemon bars yesterday, by handing her pre-measured cups of flour or sugar and asking her to dump it in mixing bowls.

Aside from that, Ska Yo Yo and Tufty came to town for their 10th anniversary (happy anniversary!). They spent two nights with us. I spent one day hung over because of it. We missed out on Humber‘s perfect game on Saturday because we wanted to be able to hang out with them when they came back from Vancouver. We spent a lot of time table curling. And drinking. And reminiscing. It was fun.

We have a trip to Chicago coming up in the very near future. I have two days of GD&T training on a Thursday and Friday, and then we’re extending through Monday for pizza, Italian beef, beer, and family.

I hit my five year anniversary at my work today. It’s been the longest employment I have maintained for the last year and a half now. I’ve been working there nearly a sixth of my life.

We, of course, have been taking lots of pictures.

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Stop Whispering, Start Shouting

Last month we went to Arizona for KrisDi’s cousin’s wedding. We also went to a local brewery (SanTan) and three White Sox spring training games. Of course, we took a godawful quantity of pictures. It was nice to visit the sunshine, but I’m not sad it was only a visit. While we were there, we got to meet up with Wilmy’s parents and have dinner with them. That was nice.

Baseball season has finally started. White Sox (now with 100% less Ozzie and Buehrle!) currently have a winning record. That’s nice.

We had Easter at E Dubs and Pixel Chick’s house in Gig Harbor. It was a beautiful weekend. The food was exceptional. KrisDi also made a mini-Thanksgiving the preceding Saturday, which was nice. We’re still eating leftovers.

P Dubs and I went to Radiohead on Monday, which made for an exhausted Tuesday. It was a cool show, though.

My sister in law went into pre-term labor at 29 weeks. They managed to stop the contractions, and she spent about a week in the hospital. She is currently at home on bed rest.

This weekend we have almost no plans, aside from cleaning, which is more than a little overdue. The following weekend my friends Ska Yo Yo and Tufty are flying in from Oklahoma for a short visit. I’m excited about that. In May, we have our third annivernsary, a trip to Chicago (work and family) and I have a trip to Japan (work only). In June we have a trip to North Dakota (wedding) and more friends coming out to visit from Oklahoma.

Chilkat’s close to fourteen months old now. Since the last time I posted…

  1. She dances a lot more now, and with more vigor. She started this at the wedding in Arizona, which got her a lot of attention, too. It was hilarious when she got down on all fours and started bouncing her ass around in the air.
  2. She’s trying to feed herself more, often with a spoon, though she’s not particularly successful at it. She gets some food in her mouth, but gets more in her lap.
  3. She’s developing more of a taste for foods. She actually refused a popsicle, instead preferring garbanzo beans with couscous. She likes currants, and she dearly loves havarti cheese and Beecher’s cheese curds.
  4. Weaning started in earnest last week Tuesday. We seem to have succeeded in the first step so far: Cut out the nursing after school until bed time. The first day was pretty exhausting, trying to keep Chilkat occupied and distracted and amused. She was not pleased. However, she figured it out by Wednesday, and she moved up her bed time by about an hour so she could nurse sooner. She actually grabbed KrisDi by the fingers, gave me a kiss and said goodbye to me, lead her up the stairs, and gave her the pillow. Then she nursed, went to sleep, and slept through the night. Next day was the same story. Totally awesome. Next step is probably to cut out the morning nursing, possibly Monday. This will not be fun.
  5. She likes to pick up our cell phones and say hello, but she won’t say hello if someone’s on the other line.
  6. She now likes bubbles (and can say “bubble” pretty clearly).
  7. She knows how to throw out trash and put stuff in the laundry, and she likes to do it, even if it’s not necessarily the right thing to put in the garbage or the laundry.
  8. She spilled Cheerios all over the floor (an entire box), “helped” KrisDi clean it up (which ended up with her crushing many of them into the carpet and then her reaching back into the box to remove the Cheerios and throw them back on the floor). Then she responded to a sharp “NO!” from KrisDi by putting her hands on her head in the “Oh no!” pose and making the “Oh no!” face. Then she gave a big smile and gave KrisDi a hug and a kiss. Can you say “manipulative”?
  9. She’s showing more interest in books.
  10. She likes to kiss people more now (I think she realizes people like it).


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