Month: June 2012

Photo Dump

So, it took me all day to get this ready, without writing any words. So, here’s a crapload of pictures.

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Blogging from a phone?

Chilkat felt the need to play with each and every toy upon her return.

She traveled home quite well, but is not suffering the transition back to a rigid routine as gracefully.

North Dakota was fun.

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Where’d May go?

Almost a week on a trip to Chicago, almost a week on a trip to Japan. That’ where a fair amount of it went. What I said in my last post still applies: I can’t keep up with anything any more. I don’t even know where to start. Partially because I don’t know where I left off.

Chilkat will answers yes/no questions most of the time now. Most questions involving Daddy are answered with a resounding “No!” KrisDi made use of this: “Do you love Daddy?” “NO!” In fact, I think it was more like a wail, “NOOOOOO!” She’ll also dive toward KrisDi screaming “no” when I approach or when she hears my name called. Such a sweet family I have.

She’s learning more nouns. She’ll say some of them. “Coocoo” is Cookie Monster. She knows what sound The Count makes: “Ah ah ahhh!” She’s an avid high fiver, and yesterday we taught her how to fist bump (and we were amazed how quickly she picked it up). We decided to try and get her to make dinosaur sounds.

She’s come up with a whole bunch of exciting new dance moves. Every once in a while, she wants to go back in her jumper, and she jumps like crazy. She’s completed weaned now. May 7th was the last time she nursed. It was a bit of a struggle at first, but of course she doesn’t miss it now.

I have nothing very exciting to report from Japan. KrisDi’s parents came in. Les drove with P Dubs to bring KrisDi’s old Alero back and give it away a second time (after having bought it a second time), and D flew. They helped KrisDi with Chilkat while I was out of town. Otherwise it’s essentially impossible for KrisDi to go to work and get Chilkat to daycare. We might need to figure out some way to handle that. I did eat fugu.

The Chicago trip was for two days of training, and KrisDi and Chilkat flew with me and we stayed over the weekend. On Monday when I was flying back, KrisDi had a standby ticket and it didn’t look like she was going to make it. I took Chilkat onto the plane with me, and I was talking to the guy next to me, who had a two year old with whom he had once flown solo, and then vowed never to attempt it again. KrisDi was the last person to get on the plane, and the guy exceedingly kindly moved to KrisDi’s seat way in the back so she could sit with me and Chilkat.

While we were in Chicago, we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo and Flossmoor Station, and didn’t do much else besides familial visits. Of course, we ate pizza and beef and I drank all of E & P Dubs’ beer.

We had our third anniversary; Pixel Chick babysat Chilkat while we went to Palisade for a delicious (but expensive) dinner. We fulfilled all of the stereotypes for “parents who are unaccustomed to being away from their young child”.

I totally disappointed KrisDi for Mothers’ Day. I gave her a wireless mouse. I also made her blueberry pancakes for breakfast, so maybe that gets me some credit. KrisDi totally shamed me by getting me a Canon T3 to use as a “little camera”, after I bitched and moaned in Japan about the 300HS as compared to the 50D and she found an awesome deal on it.

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