Month: August 2012

Whole lotta photos

It really has been a while since I uploaded pictures. Well, here you go. This ought to keep you occupied, if you’re actually going to look at them all.
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Absence making the heart fonder?

Right at this moment, as I am beginning to type up this post, my little girl is napping, curled up like a tiny bean. She’s so peaceful and cute. This is a temporary state.

She was being very cute this morning before her nap. She was petting me and saying “nice”. She was also alternating between demanding that I drum with a chopstick with her and demanding that KrisDi drum with a chopstick with her.

Her vocabulary continues to increase. KrisDi has had at least one moment of motherly shock, “She knows something I didn’t know she knew!” I think it was the sound a sheep makes.

She’ll be moving up to the next room at day care soon, for kids 18-24 months old. They’ll be starting potty training there. She turns one and a half in a short while. Seems surreal.

She remains opinionated and bossy. She has discovered money, and often demands “money back” or “more money!” So, we’re raising a good little capitalist. She’s also currently starting to learn how to use a touchscreen.

She’ll count her toes…at least two of them. And the other day, she read me a book! She pointed at pictures and said what they were, and sometimes she’d make their noise. BEE! BZZZ!

We recently had a lovely visit from my dear little brother Northwood and his girlfriend L. We drank lots of beer and ate huge quantities of rich foods and chattered and probably horrified L. They went up to visit Mom and Grandma, and they went hiking on Mt Rainier. I think they had a good time. I had a great time. Northwood has accepted a new job in the vicinity of San Francisco working with some very large wind tunnels. I think he’s excited about this work. I’m excited about him being 2200 miles closer, even if he’s still 800 miles away. At least it’s a short direct flight instead of a long connecting flight.

We had a visit from KrisDi’s parents. They spent a lot of time watching Chilkat and working in E-Dubs’ yard. E-Dubs’ ’68 Firebird was shipped out here, too. We also went blueberry picking, and they cleaned up my yard a little bit.

We recently visited Mom and Grandma. That was fun, too! And, I got more than 20 mpg with my G8! Pretty sweet!

I had my Board of Directors week. It was delightful not to be involved in the yearly presentations.

I’ve been working in the yard. I’ve moved about a ton of pavers, making a stone path on the north side of the house. There’s a little less than a ton of gravel underneath all that to sort of level and stabilize the pavers on top. It’s not particularly attractive, but it’ll work, so I won’t complain very much. After that’s done, I might try to put in a little more sod (with a little more dirt underneath it). We’re still talking about what to do with the cliffs of insanity. Deck seems most likely right now.

I think we’re going hiking tomorrow. I plan to prepare pictures and post them soon, but probably not tonight. That’s too hard.

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