Month: October 2012

Busy month

I have clearly not been any more consistent about this whole thing. Probably less.

Working backwards…nothing special this week. I have a cavity. The Pope’s birthday was yesterday (he caught a gnome today), Mrs Pope is due in a few days, and then we will get to meet little Popita. Chilkat has learned the phrase “Here you go”, and spent quite a bit of time exercising it with her Cookie Monster yesterday.

Previous week, I was in Japan. Nothing terribly special occurred there. I got sick on the flight home (very strange, I observed my condition gradually declining from “fine” to “pretty crappy” over the course of about 30 minutes). Les and D were in town to help out while I was gone. Chilkat turned 20 months old.

Prior to that, we had a trip to California for Oleo’s wedding, as well as general friend visitations and a visit to Disneyland and California Adventure Park. Chilkat was not impressed (also not petrified) with the life sized Disney characters. She was just…cautious. She tended to stand to the side and just stare at them, as if they were potentially crazy strangers. Which, incidentally, they are. She was more excited to see the paintings of the characters on the side of the cars on the ferris wheel. Overall, I would guess she’s a bit young to enjoy Disneyland all that much. I’m a bit too myself to enjoy Disneyland all that much. We got to meet J & A’s little W, which was nice. What a low-maintenance child. Amazing.

Prior to that, I had a bunch of all day meetings with visitors from Japan. I think this was around when Chilkat became a backseat driver. “More daddy fast!” “Mommy go go go!” “SLOW DOWN!”

September saw a baby shower for the Popes — KrisDi did a lot (but not all) of the cooking (she made baby head cake pops). I helped the False Alarm Father (G) with his math homework to complete a history degree. I went to Las Vegas for Oleo’s bachelor’s party. While I was there, KrisDi and Chilkat went to Chicago. We also went and saw the circus with Mom. Chilkat was enthralled.

End of August, not a whole lot. My work had a company picnic. It was nice. KrisDi made cake pops with the company logo.

Chilkat’s vocabulary is increasing incredibly quickly. We cannot track it any longer. She’ll pick up names immediately now, she strings together sentences of four or more words. She’s starting to make up stories (Mommy, fish in cup! Fish out!). She’s still extremely bossy. She still fights like hell against bed time.

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