Month: November 2012

Parenthood Continues

“Can you give Daddy a kiss?” I ask.

She attempts to do so.

“Or, you could fall into Daddy’s face with an open mouth,” KrisDi laughs.

“My nose hurts now,” I complain, wiping drool off my nose and chin.

Chilkat proceeds to give KrisDi zrrbrts.

KrisDi laughs uncontrollably. “My belly button is filled with slobber. I have a pool of slobber.”

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Chilkat puts Elmo on her sippy like he’s drinking it. She says, “Elmo loves drink.”

KrisDi says slyly, “Elmo loves the drink, huh?”

I say, “Elmo loves underage boys.”

Chilkat says, “Cock!” (Please note, this is her pronunciation of “clock”)

KrisDi and I are tearing and choking up, trying not to laugh.

KrisDi says, “Chilkat, you have impeccable timing.”

Chilkat responds, “Big baby cock!”

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Thanksgiving and Halloween have come and gone. I’ve put up pictures from Halloween, but not Thanksgiving yet. I’ll do that eventually. I was the Dude for Halloween. KrisDi was Maude Lebowski. Chilkat was a pirate. I got a haircut as soon as Chilkat went to bed that night. I’m still excited that it’s short again.

Chilkat continues to grow a personality. She continues to improve on her speech. I caught her conjugating yesterday — she told me I was juggling. Her vocabulary is skyrocketing. She’s constructing longer and more complex sentences, although typically without articles. She’s becoming more coordinated and better balanced. She likes to roughhouse with me when she’s not watching videos or demanding her mother’s attention. She’s developed a new fondness for “Kermit and pig”. We have watched The Great Muppet Caper four times in the last two days.

Chilkat got sick Tuesday night. She puked five times between 1 and 5 AM, which is equal to the number of times she had puked in her preceding 21 months of life. Consequently, between the three of us, we got a total sum of about 9 hours of sleep that night, and KrisDi and I had to decide which of us was going to miss important things at work to stay home with a tired, sick, cranky child. I went to work. KrisDi got puked on three times. We recognized that children are at their worst when their parents are least able to deal with it.

For whatever reason, Chilkat decided to let KrisDi give her pigtails for a few minutes.

Mom turned 60. We visited her and Grandma. Mom tried to shock Grandma with purple splotches in her hair. Chilkat behaved cutely.

Weesh visited. We went to the Tacoma Glass Museum. Chilkat was a pain in the ass. She wanted to play with everything, especially these “baby toys”. She was super cute, though. She got a lot of comments from strangers about her cuteness. We went to Pike Place Market, and Weesh, Chilkat, and KrisDi went to the zoo. Chilkat decided this guy was Elmo, and kept yelling at him to get down out of the tree.

The False Alarms moved to Tacoma. No one got seriously hurt. Only a couple concussions.

Popita was born. Seems like they’re doing pretty well. Just tired, like normal humans.

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Telepathic Snakes

Last night I dreamt there was a guy who bred telepathic snakes. He had a bunch at a research center in the city near the river.

One night while he was at home, there was an earthquake that destroyed his research center. He headed into town, and ran into one of his snakes. Telepathically, he asked it how things were going.

The snake was pretty calm for having survived the leveling of his home in an earthquake. “We’re going to head out into the country to [some particular location] and gather together the ones that we know of. Then we’ll start organizing search parties to try and find the rest of the telepathic snakes. We have to stay away from the river, of course.”

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