Month: December 2012

Troublesome 22s

Chilkat apparently doesn’t do the midday nap thing anymore. Over the course of the last week, she’s had an hour and a half of nap, altogether. 30 minutes on KrisDi a couple days ago, and an hour in the car today.

She’s also taken to hitting when she doesn’t get her way, and refusing to apologize. She is incredibly stubborn.

I learned today that, when she puts her mind to it, she can fairly thoroughly get a story across. For example, today when I was trying to get her to calm down and go to sleep, she had these two washcloths (which she calls towels, and likes to pretend are tiny blankets) in her crib. She kept using them as an excuse to continue fidgeting, by demanding that one of them be laid out flat on her pillow under her head. Of course, as soon as she moved (approximately 13 milliseconds), the washcloth would be disturbed, and then she could jerk back and try to get it straightened out again. Eventually, I took them away from her, and told her it was time for bed, and left. And she screamed.

When KrisDi came home about 20 minutes later, she decided to go up and try to calm her and get her to sleep. Chilkat portrayed her side of the story, “Daddy mean. Chilkat sleeping pillow. Towels back?” KrisDi got additional details by questioning, but didn’t realize it was a true(ish) story.

Now, it’s three hours and twenty minutes after the initial attempt to get her to go to sleep. D and Les have taken their turns trying to get her to go to bed. She’s currently slapping her knees, and then trying to to crawl out of the crib. And she’s awfully god damn close to succeeding. And she just removed her pants and put them on her head.

When we can’t make her stay in the crib, we are so totally fucked.

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