Month: March 2013

How you doing?

Chilkat has pinkeye again. She’s much better at fighting against the eye drop application now, which means I have to more liberally apply the mechanical advantages of being a large adult male. Which sucks. We’ve been bribing her for forgiveness with chocolate after each application. She has wailed things like “I want my arms back!” and “I don’t like you anymore Daddy!” and “No, MY eyes!”

She talks so much now. Most of the time it makes some sense. Usually KrisDi or I can figure out what words she’s using, but most other people have problems with her pronunciation.

Today she had an interesting experience: We went outside, and the 8-9 year old neighbor girls were super interested in her. The held her hands and walked her around the neighborhood, dragging her up stairs (insert quiet parental freak-out about letting eight-year-olds drop my toddler down concrete staircases) to knock on doors in an attempt to find more little girls to fawn over her. She seemed completely flabbergasted, but utterly delighted.

Things to remember: The feeling when she sees me, puts on her “THAT’S DADDY!” face, and runs toward me for a hug yelling gleefully, “DADDY!” I got to illustrate (sans hug) for a co-worker. She came into the breakroom, and I tried to mimic Chilkat’s face and yelled with as much delight as ;I could muster, “MARIE!” She stared at me like I was crazy. I said, “Doesn’t that feel awesome?” She just kept staring at me. I explained, but I don’t think she understood.

I got to go to the Hard Liver Fest last weekend. I went with T-Bone and E-Dubs and Pixel Chick, and John showed up later. Between the (primarily) three of us, we tried 18 different barleywines, and then had a “victory lap” of our favorite five (minus one that was tapped by the time we ordered our victory lap). I had a great time.

KrisDi was in Chicago, so I had to call Mom down so I could get away from my child and go out drinking. This was the first time that KrisDi and Chilkat were separated for a night, let alone a weekend. KrisDi went back to Chicago to go bridesmaid dress shopping with Weesh. KrisDi left early on a Friday, so Thursday night at bed time was the last time they saw each other before she left. KrisDi was getting all teary eyed, saying, “Good night sweetheart, I won’t see you for a couple days, I’m going to go home…”

Chilkat caught on…sort of. She got all happy-excited, lit up, and said, “Mommy go home? Mommy go bye bye?” and went to open the garage door. “Mommy get in car, go bye bye!” This did not help KrisDi’s sweaty eye syndrome.

Mom got a refresher course in how exhausting non-stop toddler ownership is. I think she passed out once I got home. Chilkat was not pleased about the continuing absence of her mother.

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Video update!

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Life Going On

Chilkoot’s anatomy scan ultrasound went well. He or she has all the appropriate bits and pieces, is estimated at 14 ounces, and had a heart rate of 156 bpm.

Chilkat regularly speaks in sentences now. She misses most articles, she often mis-conjugates, she often misuses pronouns. When she gets agitated, it tends to break down (and she gets agitated easily). She doesn’t know what everything is, but she knows the question, “What’s that, Mommy?”

She continues to pick things up absurdly quickly, and retain them absurdly well. Today she was being whiny (which I’ll talk about later), and KrisDi told her to stop being whiny. Later on, Chilkat told KrisDi to stop being whiny. KrisDi asked, “Am I being whiny?”

Chilkat responded, oh so sweetly, “No, Mommy’s nice.”

She’s getting funnier and funnier. She makes things up a lot, she plays games with her little stuffed buddies, she invents games and demands that we play them with her (and yells at us for playing them wrong — “No Daddy! BOTH hands!”). Some of her current favorite new phrases are “Wait a minute!” and “I don’t think so!” and “Good idea!” She also likes to pretend to put bibs on people and things.

She still fights bedtime ferociously, and loves Mommy much more than Daddy. KrisDi put her down to bed for four or five nights in a row (a break in the alternation routine that we have been trying to establish), and last night when I tried to get her to calm down. Ten simple steps:

  1. 45 minutes of me trying to read the Cat in the Hat while restraining her as she hollered things like “No Daddy! Go away! Want Mommy back!”
  2. Eventually got her into the crib and relatively calm.
  3. Gave her a kiss and walked out.
  4. Had a beer and watched her pace in her crib, alternating between, “Daddy come back!” and “Want Mommy now!”
  5. Finished the beer and went back up to try again.
  6. Sang her about thirty made up songs. (“Daddy, book song? Chair song? Crib song? Daddy song? Jesus song? Mickey song? Banana song?”)
  7. Finally got her to fall asleep (usually we try to leave while she’s still awake so she’ll fall asleep without constant contact from us)
  8. Failed to sneak out sneakily enough, and she awoke.
  9. She tossed and turned and rolled and unrolled for a long time.
  10. She finally fell asleep sometime after 9:30. About two hours later than desired.

Consequently, she’s a bit more tired and cranky than usual today.

We’ve been working on her new bedroom (formerly guestroom, soon to be dual-purpose toddler room and guestroom). We have the new bed in it and the old furniture out of it. I think I’m also recovered from the neck injury I gave myself moving the dresser. We got a lower bedframe that doesn’t require a boxspring (so Chilkat could get up and down unaided). Getting rid of the goddamn boxspring was a chore. I tried to take it to Goodwill, and they don’t take any mattresses or boxsprings. So I took it home. We called ahead to St Vincent De Paul and they said they’ll take them, but when I showed up, they said they didn’t have room for it. So I took it home. I put up an ad on Craigslist for a free boxspring, delivery $10. Of course no one wanted to come pick up the damn thing so I had to go deliver it, and of course it started to rain on the way there. But, at least the dude gave me an extra $5 “for my trouble”. I think I would have paid someone $15 to take the goddamn thing away and save me the trouble.


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