Month: May 2013

Medical Knowledge

Today, Chilkat noticed her ankle bumps. She thought it was an ouchie. She demanded that we take it out. We showed her our ankle bumps, and demonstrated that they allow us to move our feet. She insisted we were wrong.

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Once more into the breach

Some pictures to add today.

What else to say? We just took our second hack at Potty Training Weekend. This has been much more successful. 5/7 the first day, 8/9 the second (including a number 2), and 7.5/8 today. We are embarking on the impossible journey tomorrow: Send her to day care without diapers. We’ll see how that goes.

The other day, when I got out of my Wednesday netmeeting, she was excited to see me, and came up and hugged me and repeated, “I love you so much!” several times. Which is awesome.

She’s been telling us not to say things. She’ll say, “Tada!” and when we say it, she says, “No! Don’t say Tada!” Or “Yay!” or whatever it is.

Chilkat’s fully ensconced in her new room. She doesn’t give us as much trouble at bed time any more, although she can still be a huge pain in the ass. She often wants to read a little bit in the rocking chair in the nursery, which is probably the last habit we want to break before Chilkoot arrives.

Speaking of Chilkoot…we haven’t really done anything new to prepare for his/her arrival. The nursery’s the same, except we removed most of the artwork. We replaced crib linens and curtains. KrisDi bought more artwork, but it’s not hung yet. I maintain that once we have some more newborn diapers, we’re pretty much ready (in terms of taking care of a newborn, not in terms of dealing with a newborn and a jealous, angry toddler).

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