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KrisDi’s conversation with Chilkat today (2013-06-28)… KrisDi: Baby’s going to come out soon. Chilkat: Baby needs milk and diapers. And food. KrisDi: What kind of food? Chilkat: Marshmallows and noodles. Chilkat: Baby’s crying in your tummy. *proceeds to pretend to feed the baby milk, noodles and cheese, and broccoli¬†through KrisDi’s belly button*

We recently started this year’s round of swimming lessons. Chilkat is actually more afraid of the water this year than last year, even before she was completely submerged for the first time (which she thought was really scary). She has so little fat on her right now that she shivers wildly by the end of the 30 minute lesson.

Chilkat’s two, and she can hold up two fingers, and she knows she’s two. So, usually the answer to questions like, “How old are you?” “How are you?” or anything that sounds similar will be answered with “I’m two!” with two upheld fingers. But, if you ask her how old she is at school, “I’m three at school!” with four upheld fingers. Apparently she thinks they had a party for her, and therefore she’s three.

Currently, everything that happened in Chilkat’s life in the past previous to today, happened yesterday.

I recently replaced a garage door opener solo. I was told by those more experienced than me that lifting and attaching the opener to the bracket on the ceiling would require two people, but I found it to be easier to do than attaching the belt to the “trolley” on the rail.

I replaced the garage door opener because it was broken. When we talked to Chilkat about it, she said that she had broken it by hitting it with a hammer. We asked her how, and she told us she went up on a really big step stool and hit it with a hammer. While I was working on it, she and KrisDi were watching the Blackhawks play; they scored, and KrisDi told Chilkat to tell daddy that the Blackhawks scored. So, she went and opened the door to the garage, and said, “Blackhawks scored! Get back to work, Daddy!”

Since she can get into the garage by herself now, she likes to go out and get me a beer (which is awesome). She likes to talk about how Daddy likes beer, and Mommy likes water, and she likes milk.

Chilkat seems to be well and truly potty trained. Defecation has required a large amount of bribery, but is going much better now. She hasn’t had any accidents at all in about a week. Previous accidents were mostly understandable (such failure to completely pull down pants or underwear).

In the car a few days ago, she had a Minnie Mouse toy and a Lady (from Lady and the Tramp) toy. She made them talk to each other, and even used different voices for each one. I don’t remember exactly what it was about, but she made them have an argument where Minnie was telling Lady, “No, that’s mine! Go away, Lady!”

A couple weeks ago, KrisDi hosted a baby shower for Pixel Chick. She must have cooked for a total of about 16 hours in preparation, not to mention cleaning and decorating time. When all the ladies showed up, of course they all talked and chattered and made a significant amount of noise. At a couple points, Chilkat was walking around with her hands over her ears. I asked her if she wanted to go upstairs where it was quiet, and she said yes. I told her sometimes I feel that way, too. So, we went upstairs into the nursery and sat quietly for a few minutes, and then she said she wanted to go back downstairs. She helped Pixel Chick open a few of the presents, before falling headfirst into the coffee table. Luckily, no major damage this time.

Mrs. Pope hosted a baby shower for KrisDi last week. It was very nice. Chilkat got to stare at and talk about Popita (7 months old or so). M was also there, so they got to play. Chilkat got a few toys, and Chilkoot got quite a few more. Chilkat has been good about recognizing Chilkoot’s stuff as “baby’s”.

Mr. and Mrs. Phoenix came to stay with us during the weekend of the Chilkoot baby shower. This was the first instance where Chilkat’s room’s auxiliary function as guest room was exercised. We set up an air mattress in our bedroom to try to coax Chilkat into sleeping in it (instead of in bed with Mommy and Daddy, but of course it ended up being where I slept as Chilkat was in her usual punching and kicking mood while sleeping. Chilkat was not great about it, but better than I expected. She was also very good about returning to her room once it was no longer occupied by guests.

Chilkat also seemed to like the Phoenices quite a bit. She made them play with her a lot, and they gave KrisDi and me a little bit of a break from hyperactive toddler chasing.

On the last day of their visit, we had a dinner at the Issaquah Brewhouse. Chilkat used the restroom and defecated prolifically. While in the act, she was making up and singing a song (I didn’t get all the lyrics, but it seemed to be about soup). A man who was in using the urinal started laughing and saying he didn’t expect to be serenaded. She was very proud of herself, and sang about it loudly at the table, much to my delight.

Just a little while ago, I talked Chilkat into watching Star Wars. So far, she thinks that Obi Wan Kenobi is a bad guy, and that Chewbacca and Jabba are scary. We’ll see how the rest of this goes.

I’m working on pictures, so maybe in a day or two I’ll update with a bunch of photos, and any other stories we think of in the meantime.

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