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December 2013

Check it bitches! Not quite three months late, muthafuckas!

I was more selective than usual.

December 2013

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Not Dead Yet (again)

Very briefly, because it’s all I have time to do (because, as KrisDi mentioned, we’re fucking busy), here’s food pictures from December.

Delicious, delicious food from the last month of last year

December 2013 Food

I promise I’m going to post more pictures, catch up, and post words. By the end of March. I promise.

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Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’…..

So we’re well into 2014 and have yet had a chance to post. Yep, you guessed it. We’ve been busy.

There’s been trips to California both for snaotheus for work, which left me caring for both kids by myself overnight for the first time, as well as a family trip to attend Monocular Ben’s wedding, which I’m sure snaotheus will post more about in a future post. There’s been pizza and scotch gatherings with friends. There’s been birthday parties to attend and plan. (Can you believe Chilkat is going to be 3 in a week!!! How did that happen? ) There’s been outings to the zoo, to Disney Jr. Live, to the Children’s Creativity museum as well as just your typical run of the mill daily routines. Then there’s been less fun things jammed in there, like shots and illnesses for everyone. So lots going on and lots to update on. For now I just wanted to say that yep we’re still here, surviving, and all doing well and give a quick update.

So without further ado, some highlights on the kids:

Chilkoot – still doesn’t crawl. He army crawls everywhere, gets up on all fours, rocks, lunges and is definitely mobile when he wants to be, but no real crawling. He also loves trying to pull up and enjoys standing, but forgets he needs to hold onto things still. He is getting into more and more things and has an affinity for pulling all the DVDs off the shelves and books out of the corner just like his big sis. He also managed to sit up from a laying position in his crib the other day, so it looks like lowering the crib mattress may be in order.

His favorite thing to do though is to eye people out in a crowd and once he gets a victim to look at him, he slyly tilts his head up at them and lets out the hugest grin you’ve ever seen. Kind of as if he’s saying, “How you doin’? Yeah, I’m cute. You know you can’t help but smile at me and gush about how cute I am.”

Chilkat – loves singing and dancing. She is getting more and more into music and has been enjoying The Beatles lately. Funny story. The day we introduced them to her, she kept asking us to play another Beatles song when one would end. Upon returning to the car the next time she excitedly asked if we could play an Ants song again for her. Ants, Beatles, what’s the difference? Apparently, not much in an almost three year old’s mind. As far as the singing, she is actually learning the words and tunes to songs and has gotten very good at Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and the Alphabet Song. It’s really cute when she’s belting them out. Sometimes she’ll ask us to refrain from talking because she’s trying to sing. How rude of us.

And man does this girl love dancing. She was the hit of the wedding. Neither snaotheus or I know where she gets her dancing skills or lack of inhibition from because it was certainly not us, but it is adorable and we hope it continues.

Depending on the day, she is getting a bit less shy as well. In the airport the other day she went right up to another mother and little girl and started talking to them. I was shocked. It is the first time I remember her doing this without having had to be around someone for a bit first.

Wow, that turned out to be longer than intended. But it really just scrapes the surface of everything that’s been happening. So, I’ll just say it again. We’ve been busy.

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