Month: March 2014

Chilkat is Animated

Our Animated Daughter

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Where did January go? And then February? And then most of March?

Chilkat is getting smarter. M had a birthday party, which Chilkat claimed was the best birthday party ever. About a week later, after the Super Bowl, she was talking about M’s birthday party, and talking about her upcoming Frozen birthday party, and said quite clearly that hers is going to be better than M’s was.

Super Bowl was a letdown. Now we have to listen to the obnoxious Seahawks fans gloat for a year, while we listen to the Bears fans mope for a year. Although the look on Peyton Manning’s face on the first snap was totally priceless. I cannot tell you how totally priceless. The pricelessness was total.

Chilkat’s telling more stories. She’s trying to explain things, and not succeeding with great truthfulness, but succeeding with notable humor. Last night and the night before, she went to bed with normal routine, but then stayed awake (and in bed) for 90 minutes. How does a three year old stay in bed, awake, without getting our or playing a lot, for 90 minutes? Anyway, last night, she needed attention to finally go to sleep:

  1. “Why are you upset, Chilkat?”
  2. “Because I’m scared!”
  3. “Why are you scared?”
  4. “I wanted you to sleep with me.”
  5. “Why did you want me to sleep here with you?”
  6. Go To 2.

The night before, it was a number that woke her up. Was it a mean number? It was 1! Later, when trying to explain to someone else, it was a letter. Then, it was the letter A, saying Ba Ba Ba.

Chilkoot is crawling and standing and eating and babbling. He’s starting to get the idea of waving “Hi!” He’s also starting to get the “Open mouth: Press on target” format of kissing loved ones. He’s slept through the night four nights in a row, which is a major improvement over the preceding two months or so. I don’t know what happened to our little sleeper, but he’s been sucking at sleeping since some time before our trip to San Francisco in February.

Speaking of which: Monocular Ben married a woman about whom I know nearly nothing.

The people close to her seem to adore her and Ben. Knowing Ben, whose judgement is an object of my admiration, I find it unlikely he chose to marry an asshole. In many ways, it was a delightful wedding, although I was utterly, completed, devastatingly annihilated by the energy demands of chasing Chilkat and handing off Chilkoot, both of whom received much attention. I think someone (maybe even Ben) told me that our kids won the wedding. Chilkat was immediately unimpressed with the church part of the wedding, complaining, “I want to dance!” She was so enamored with the bunny hop train (or whatever it’s called) that she convinced someone to start it up again once it had dispersed.

The next day, we met up with Northwood and his girlfriend to visit Lagunitas and 21st Amendment. Based on Chilkat’s extreme excitement about dancing at weddings, we asked them when they were going to have a wedding so that Chilkat could dance some more. Apparently, Northwood was at that time in the possession of an engagement ring which he had not yet present to his girlfriend, and thought it was a somewhat amusing question (although he did not reveal his amusement at the time). A couple weeks later, when they borrowed our truck to drive up to Whistler, he proposed. So my little brother’s getting married! I’m very excited about this. And Chilkat should get to dance at their wedding.

I know for a fact that I’m missing a very large quantity of thoughts and observations. But, rather than try to hit everything, I’m just going to let it go. Enjoy, or ignore. There are some other options, but why bother?

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All Jacked Up

Chilkat was pretending to roughhouse with her “buddies.” She held a bunch of them up in front of her face and yelled, “Aaah! I’m all jacked up!”

“Who jacked you up, Chilkat?”

“My buddies!”

The only place I can think of that she would have learned the phrase is Adventure Time.

All jacked up.

I’m all jacked up because of you! Look at my jacked up face!

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Rough Day

Chilkat woke up last night crying. KrisDi went in to attend to her.

Today, after school, we asked her if she cried last night. She said yes.

“Why were you crying, Chilkat? Was something wrong?”

“Yeah, a little bit.”

“What was wrong?”

“I was having a rough day.”

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