Month: July 2014

One Year of Two Kids

Chilkoot is one today. We still have two kids. I’m too tired to think of anything really interesting to say about it, but I felt I should at least comment. We took him to a bar for his birthday. We got him some cake. He spent the day with his Nana and Papa and KrisDi and Chilkat. He didn’t wake up in a puddle of his own vomit (different than the preceding two days).

My dad comes in tonight (I’m texting him at SEATAC right now). Party is Saturday. I bet we take some pictures.

He had an ophthalmologist appointment last week about his gummy eye. The tear drainage system is clogged, basically. It’s not uncommon, but for most kids it clears up by a year. If not, it’s unlikely to clear up on its own. The surgery to clear it is simple, but requires general anesthesia, which creeps me out for a baby. It’s harmless to wait, so we’ll wait a few more months. If nothing changes, then we’ll probably have surgery.

In completely unrelated news, my website was shutdown for a few days when my host found malware on my site, which was apparently bogging down there server by being used to send spam email in mass quantities. As far as I know, that’s all cleared up now, after a fair amount of work on my part. Also, getting myself in trouble at my workplace trying to use their virus scanning software on my site’s files.


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