Month: August 2014

Ponies and Unicorns

While watching Unico for the third or fourth time:

Chilkat: This unicorn talks instead of saying neigh. That’s weird.

KrisDi: Your My Little Ponies talk instead of saying neigh, too.

Chilkat: Yeah, that’s weird! When I ride a pony, will it talk or say neigh?

KrisDi: It will say neigh.

Chilkat: Good.

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Chilkat’s Thoughts

Seeing a McDonald’s out the window on the drive home, she said, “Look there’s another McDonald’s over there! How do we get over there?”
“We’d have to get off the highway and take side streets.”
“Or, a dinosaur could pick us up and put us on a plane and take us there!”


“What are these green sticky spots on me?”
“I don’t know.”
“Maybe they’re Play Doh!”
“Were you playing with Play Doh at school?”
“No. I think it came out of my bones and tore my skin. Now I need a band aid.”

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Everyone once in a while, as a bedtime stalling tactic, Chilkat decides she wants to pick a bedtime book from “Daddy’s work upstairs” (bookshelf by the office). One night, I read her some incredibly dry facts about California from a tourists’ guide; another night, she found some old Calvin and Hobbes paperback, which was in rotation for almost two weeks before she lost interest.

Tonight, she picked the Dark Tower by Stephen King. She liked Stephen King, based on the photo on the back cover. We had some conversation about the vampires swarming the human in the first illustration (there are maybe 10ish full color full page illustrations in the copy we have at our house).  She also decided that some other (clearly evil) illustrated person looked like a nice guy.

I agreed to seven minutes of reading from this book. I read around the parts regarding killing babies and being killed by vampires. I was repeatedly chastised for not “reading the pictures”.

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…and viola!

As caught up as I’m going to get for now.

The rest of July — mostly this girl’s birthday party.

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Just three days

Pictures from July 17-19 — most notably, Chilkoot’s birthday party.

Happy Birthday!

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