Month: October 2014

New Addition in the Family

Chilkat apparently can add now.

This morning, to try and calm her down after waking her up, I asked her how many toes she had. She counted those on her right foot (five, if you’re curious). I asked her about the other foot, which she counted (also five). I asked her all together, and she said, “Five and five is ten!”

After school, I told KrisDi about it, and she asked, “What’s five plus five?” Chilkat held up her five fingers on each hand and counted them. “Ten!”

“What’s four plus five?”

She held up four fingers on one hand, five on the other, and counted all nine.

“What’s three plus three?”

Three fingers on each hand; six.

“What’s three plus two?”

Three fingers on one, two on the other; five.

So, she gets it. Is this early?

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I’m a computer person. And by most reports, I’m relatively good with computers. And relatively smart. And relatively good at figuring out software.

Microsoft makes some baffling software, however. Some is good, and some is not. In Excel, of the functionality that I use regularly, I’d say about 80% of it is OK to excellent. For Word, I’d say 40%. For Powerpoint, I’d say 20%. For Project…0%. There is not a single god damn thing this software is good at providing. Except self hatred and blind rage. So, maybe that’s a negative rating?

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