Month: December 2014


Aside from describing myself…November was a picture-heavy month.

Up to the trip to Ohio

First chunk of November

Ohio, up to and including Jill’s wedding

The rest of November (excluding Thanksgiving)

Food in November (excluding Thanksgiving — but there wasn’t much cooking outside Thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving…food and everything else

A few (but really only a few) words on November’s activities:

  • I spent a week in Japan. We spent a week in Ohio. This cuts down on cooking.
  • We had a wedding, Thanksgiving, visit from Northwood, and Christmas photo sessions. This increases photographic activities significantly.
  • God damn does Chilkoot love to dance — and god damn is he good at convincing others they also want to dance.
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Hello from October, now!

Today, I solo Dadded. KrisDi went to work, and both kids (and I) survived the day. We spent a large part of it getting ready to go to Chuck E. Cheese, and a slightly larger part of it actually at Chuck E. Cheese. Chilkat’s second visit; Chilkoot’s and my first. It was not nearly as bad as I feared. I have further confirmed that I would be miserable as a (and a miserable) stay at home parent.

Delicious as usual

Food in October

They're faking. No actual napping occurred in the taking of this picture.

Pictures from October

Other activities, events, or other things of interest that may or may not have occurred in October that may or may not be pictured in the galleries linked above:

  • Chilkat got to go visit False Alarm M’s gymnastics class.
  • A windstorm sent a 9″ diameter branch down to smite my fence.
  • Salmon Days with the Popes.
  • Painting of trim in response to nasty-grams from our nasty local HOA.
  • Bob’s Farm for pumpkins and Chilkat’s first horse ride.
  • Halloween.
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Hello from September

It's just food, bro

Food from September

It's just September, bro.

Pictures from September

Other interesting things in September, which may or may not be pictured:

  • We went to Chicago. I went to a trade show. We visited breweries.
  • My nephew had his first birthday.
  • We visited Mom; the False Alarm Family visited us.
  • I broke my little beer fridge; we bought a big ass new regular fridge, and our old kitchen fridge became my new beer fridge. Which is still exciting, three months later.
  • KrisDi got the iPhone 6+.
  • We took the kids to the circus.
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And on to the past…

Very select. Very sweet.

Pictures from August

Also in August (in words but not necessarily pictured):

  • Mr. and Mrs. Djiboutian Phoenix visited, and it was pretty awesome.
  • White Sox games in Seattle. I don’t think they lost both.
  • KrisDi’s and snaotheus’ work picnics. Kids love picnics.
  • Several instances of Chilkat writing.
  • KrisDi got a haircut. snaotheus did not.
  • We went to the zoo.
  • KrisDi and I took a day off (but left the kids at day care). We ate breakfast and went to breweries.
  • Awz visited, and it was awesome.
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So, my hard drive crashed a couple weeks ago. Back in the good ol’ days, when Windows sucked so bad over the course of time that I would routinely format my hard drive and reinstall everything to improve performance, it would take me less than a day to format and get everything back to exactly the way I like it.

Now that Windows (surprisingly) is a stable operating system for years at a time, I have more time to specialize my environment in obscure ways (which I do, because I’m a computer person). I also am not diligent about keeping track of things like registration keys or drivers — because I don’t use them regularly.

Consequently, restoring a PC from scratch is a bigger pain in the ass now that Windows is not such a big pain in the ass. I suppose the distractions of work and kids don’t help, either. Although, I have to admit, the Windows install process itself is a dream compared to the old Windows 98 days.

Anyway…laboriously, I have installed enough software to prepare a few pictures for today. Because this is more proof of concept than anything else, it’s just food from August:

This is what my life has come to.

Yes, that’s au jus in a sippy cup.

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